Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

In observance of New Year’s Eve, realizing it is the last possible day I can post for 2008, I thought I’d share some of my end of the year thoughts with you.

From Christmas:
Quite possibly, my favorite day of school is the day right before winter break. Everyone is in a good mood, everyone is nice to each other, there’s all that holiday love floating around. It’s great. Then, the next day, my cousins showed up, which was, of course, amazing as always. I <3 them.

From the New Year:
Reflecting on what I did this year (ten countdown in no particular order)
~ took my first AP test
~ became a Rebelutionary
~ got an ipod nano
~ got an award for debate
~ started a blog ;-)
~ moved out of my sister Sierra’s room to my own
(first time since she’s been born that I haven’t roomed with her!)
~became an upperclassman
~ took my first SAT
~ took my last PSAT
~ got my learner’s permit

5 Things I didn’t do this year
~ visit my grandma’s grave (I haven’t been there since we buried her)
~ get my license
~ look for colleges
~ write a novel (I tried for NaNoWriMo, but failed miserably)
~ get an A in math

5 things I want to do in the new year (there are actually 15, but I’ve only got time for 5)
~ Score better on AP tests
~ go to Portland to visit my uncle
~ learn to play the guitar
~ dress better (like, more fashionably)
~ Read thru the bible and pray consistently

I hope you had a wonderful, full year. I pray you have a safe and happy upcoming year.
Quote: (I am sadly behind on these, I’ll try to start up again!)
“Glory be to God on high, let peace on earth descend.
God comes down before our eyes, to Bethlehem”~ Bob Kauflin

Monday, December 8, 2008

If you were a cookie...

...what kind would you be? Why?
Fitzy recently asked us this question. here's my answer:
Although I really like oatmeal cookies and seriously considered if I wanted to be one, I would be a gingersnap. A gingersnap is closest to my own personality. when you first bite into it, it has a taste you wouldn't expect in a cookie, a sarcastic little kick that makes you wary of it. There's a rough texture, and it's hard to enjoy at first. But, if you keep going, the cookie reveals it's true flavor, allowing it's sweet taste to come out and let you enjoy its variety. Just like my personality.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

about the layout edits

I tried to make it look at little less girly and added some to my descriptions.
let me know what you think!

So, why I write...

I hope you read my previous post and thought about it, even if you don't blog.

I promised I'd tell you why I write.
Well, first of all, I write because I love to. Writing out my thoughts makes me really happy. I used to journal, but now I blog, partly so I'm more careful and polish it more, and partly because it's easier.

Second, I write to stay connected. I started this blog over the summer out of boredom, but now I keep it us so that my friends who I don't see very much can read it and see a little tidbit of my life.

Third, I write to become better. the more I write, the better I get at articulating my thoughts and thinking outside of the box.

BUT, none of those are the most important reason I write. The most important reason I write, when I write anything, but paticularly this blog, is for me . And hopefully there are times when God will work through me.

Solio Deo Gloria.

With so much out there...

This is for other bloggers.

I was blog surfing today. Have you ever noticed how many people post all kinds of facts about thier life on the web? It's a little bit scary, seeing how much of our lives we are willing to open up to total strangers. I'm not downplaying blogs, but I thought it was interesting. And I wanted to ask a question.

With so much out there, so many other blogs that can be read, what will make your's special? Why should we visit your blog? What makes it unique?

Some of my favorite blogs:
~ Katie's 'missionary blog'
~ The Hope for Emily blog
~ Christy Thomas' photo blog

But they have elements like any other blog. so, to return to my original question, what will make your writings unique?

I'd like to propose that nothing will.

Yes, that's right. Instead of going the Mr. Rodgers Route* and telling you that you're special, I'm going to tell you that you are non-unique, your writings will be like everyone else's. So with that in mind, why write? I know why I do, and I'll tell you soon. But I want you to think about it. Why do you write?

Comment and tell me.

*(I have nothing against Fred Rogers, I love his show, but I'm trying to make a point)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

sensory images

IF you're looking for a really meaty, personality diving, spiritual post...

Don't read this one.

If I were suddenly struck blind, certain things would still hold sensory power for me. I have a tendancy to feel a texture, smell a scent, taste a food, hear a sound, and relate it to something else. here are some of my if I was blind thoughts.

1) the taste of sweet potatoes. My Aunt Kimberly makes amazing sweet potatoes with marshmallows and cinnamon and a smooth, sweet consistency. When I eat sweet potatoes I can picture my Aunt placing her dish on the Thanksgiving table.

2) The taste of Mac and cheese makes me think of my Uncle Mike, because he makes the richest, tastiest Mac and cheese EVER! I always compare mac and cheese to his. Uncle Mike pretends like he's Emrile on TV and pours all his ingredients in to little bowls before he starts, leaving all kinds of dishes that he has to wash later.

3) The smell of herbal essence shampoo always makes me think of my friend Ginkgo. Have you ever noticed how people have thier own distinct scents? Normally it comes from thier shampoo, but even two people who use the same shampoo will have different smells. For example, the pastor's wife at my church smells like a rich perfume. Ginkgo always smells flowerly (from Herbal Essence) like Ginny Weasley.

4) The feel of baby footy PJ's makes me feel safe and loved. Terry cloth is my favorite ever. If you want to buy me a Christmas present, buy me a terry cloth robe. The reason that feel, from the footy PJ's, makes me feel safe, is when I feel it means that my little sister has climbed into my bed next to me in the middle of the night for safety.

5) the sound of my dad reading makes me remember my childhood. The schooling curriculum we used required alot of reading aloud, and Dad read to us from a story collection we called the Red Book.

6) The smell of toy train smoke from our Christmas trains and pine makes me happy. It's associated with christmas and grandparents and cousins.

7) The feel of Sweaters make me think of my grandma, who always used to wear sweater vests because she was cold, and of my friend tyler, who likes argile sweaters.

8) The smell of coffee and the smell of cilantro (Spelling?) don't make me think of anything paticular, but I love them both.

9) The sound of a flute makes me think of my friend Liza and her Mom. Mrs. B plays the most beautiful flute and I love her music!!

10) The feel and smell of leather makes me think of my Uncle Mike and my Uncle Kieth. Both of them wear cold leather jackets and had leather sofas at one point in my life. The smooth suave feeling reminds me of them.

There are more, But I won't list them all. What are some of yours?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you...?

"This is your life, are you who you want to be?"
I have no idea who this line from a song is by. my inclination is to say Switchfoot, but I can't promise. But it links into my post. Before we get there though, we have to do some explaining. First of all, last weekend I went on the DHT retreat organized by a friend of mine. (I haven't asked him If I can use his name, so we're calling him J.) J is amazing, first of all, putting that whole weekend together. I remember first meeting him when he and my sis were debate partners. Second, DHT is something that I need to constantly be reminding myself of, or I will not do it. Third, another friend of mine who was also on the retreat wrote a great blog post/facebook note about it, so I felt forced into writing down these thoughts. (Thanks Ryan ;-))

So now, finally, back to the song lyric. I do not like that line. Not because it's a bad song, but because it's neo-centric, aka self centered. It's all about you, you achieving your goals, you getting to the highest possible place.
I don't think that's how the world was intended to be.
Let's put it in the words of Alex and Brett. They say "we become the men(women) we strive to be". Later they ask, "Are you, Son/Daughter of God, all that he has planned out for you to be?" If I was a song lyricist, I would have written, "This is your life, It's not in your hands, are you who HE wants you to be?". That is a prize truly worth striving for.

And I haven't been striving for it.

Rather, I've been walking contentedly along in my high schooler life, waiting. But waiting for what? Now is my opportunity.
Dave said at the beginning of this Navs year that we should try "to make the most of every opportunity". If you follow my blog, you'll know I hads a passion moment a few weeks ago. so now my passion moment is moving on from a MY passion moment to a GOD passion moment. That was the first study I did with Navs, making my plan for my life meet God's plan for my life. And I want it to. So I'm going to try.

What if__________?(First one from Katie. Looking for others! You fill it in based on my post.)
1) you asked yourself...
Are you WHO He wants you to be?
Are you WHAT He wants you to be?
Are you WHERE He wants you to be?
Are you doing what He wants you to do?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Passionate again

"Give me one pure and holy passion.
Give me one magnificent obssesion
GIve me one glorious ambition for my life,
To know and follow hard after you.

To know and follow hard after you,
To walk out in your spirit and your truth.
This world is empty pale and poor, compared to knowing you my lord.
So lead me on, and I will run after you,
Lead me on, and I will run after you."

That's the answer to my passion question. With that in mind, I'm going to start a new blog feature. It's called What if? and will only work with help. Based on comments, other blogs, converstations with others, i'm going to start including what if questions.

What IF? (inspired by Dave)
What if Jesus was trulyt greater than everything else in your life?

"Always remember to forget the things that make you sad and don't forget to remember the things that make you happy." Mugolo Nathan, compassion child

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Everything and anything...but mostly shame

Recently i have been fairly ashamed of myself. Of my lacking. Several things lead to this, so i'll just go through and list them.

~ First, I've recently been exploring comics, mostly due to the author Scott McCloud and his book Making Comics. So I went on to his site, and read about the 24 hour comics (which I hope to attempts sometime soon). This year i'm also signed up for NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. But as i read the websites and encouragements, I feel fake. There are so many people out there who are so passionate about things, and, althought I'm interested and perked up by the thought, no sincere passion consumes me.

~ Second, the elections caused an uproar at school. Not because the outcome was unexpected, but because all my teachers felt the ned to discuss it in our classes due to historical signifignace. And while I admit that I am lucky enough to grow up in a historically significant time, I just don't care/ haven't been following the news. And when we had a disscussion about it in my Spanish class, I was shamed by my lack of knowledge as compared to my peers.

~ Third, in relation to myself. There are three parts to this one. First, for a while now I have been having a disscussion on the Rebelution forum about Courtship v. dating (see below post). And while I know personally what I think is ok and what is not, my views are unexplainable and in someways contradictory. I still do not beleive that courtship is 'the way', but i've been forced to think about it more than ever. Second, I was recently reading Facebook notes of a passionate friend of mine. This is one guy that God is clearly working in, let me tell you. And yet, he is fighting self-identity issues, and as I read his notes, I was ashamed of myself for not knowing him better and not being as passionate as he was. The Third thing comes from a disscussion I had yesterday with one of my many younger sisters. In someways, my sister is further along in her faith then i am. She is incredibly passionate about serving Christ and she's fighting all kinds of reformed questions and I was amazed and proud of her, but also shamed by my general lack of commitment.

~ Finally, at Navs tuesday, Fitzy (using her new nickname) was talking about holiness, and how when you invite God into your life,he's so holy that any unholyness has to die. and I was ashamed that i hadn't let my unholiness die.

I think this will be a recurring topic. As I look at colleges I find that there are more and more things that I have not thought about in my future. Like the top of my blog says, I'm looking for a passion in life...and I can't seem to find it. Ironically, this is on the Rebelutionaries blog as well. I didn't know it till after I'd already started this post, but i encourage you to read thier post.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Courtship v. Dating

This was my answer to a thread on the Rebelution forum. Enjoy, and give me your feedback please!

• What is dating?
Dating is formally announcing that you and a member of the opposite sex are interested in one another in a romantic way and it may or may not end in marriage. It has several other connotative definitions, but that's the essential part.

• What is courtship?
Courtship is also formally announcing that you have romantic interests for one another, but with the expectation of marriage. It has to be handled very carefully.

• How do you go about them?
Dating is pretty much the guy asking the girl if he can consider her his girlfriend, and then he takes her places where he normally pays (which may not be true anymore, but that's the original intent) and they get to know one another better. Often this can be in a group setting.

Courting involves a more official process in which the couple approached both sets of parents together, explaining their intent to court one another and see if it will end in marriage. It is much more formal, involving official dates of asking, etc.

Has anybody seen these types of relationships close up?
Yes. My cousin and her husband courted for about a year before their marriage. It was a very formal kind of courtship, in which my new cousin C asked my uncle and aunt for their permission to court my cousin with the intent of marrying her at the end, and they had a celebration dinner of her courtship.
Personally, I think that was a little over the top, but that's what's involved in courtship.

My friends L and A (I haven't asked them if it's OK to put them online, so I'll just put initials.) are in a Christian dating relationship.Their relationship also involves their parents in that both parents are aware and accept the relationship, but there wasn't much else involved. The thing I like about L and A's relationship is that if they break apart, both could go to the other's wedding and be OK with it. I think that's one of the major problems with 'serious' relationships, you tie yourself in emotionally.
Have you seen them conducted in a Godly way or in an ungodly way?
I have seen ungodly dating relationships that ended in heartbreak and hate.
I have seen ungodly Courtships that ended in divorce, because they got married then realized it hadn't worked.
I have also seen wonderful, powerful married couples come out of both relationships.

And I just want to say that I see problems in both kinds of relationships and think that we as Rebelutionaries, should not try to figure out which we should adhere to, but rather create a new kind of relationship that takes the good from both. Dateship maybe? I strongly dislike the idea that courtship is the only 'Christian' way, and think it is very possible to date Christian, and possible to Court un-Christian. But Dateship would be a relationship style soley for us, only for Christians, where we are focused on partnering with the other person, 'iron sharpening iron" (proverbs 27:17), to return to our first love (Rev 2:4)

Who's with me?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HA! The media center!

I recently discovered the tresure of the schoool's media center, and am curenttly taking advantage of it durring lunch periods. So let me catch you up on my life~

This past Saturday we had a debate in Blatimore, and my team did not do well. I came home frustrated and upset. after eatting real food (because they hadn't provided lunch at the debate, only chips) and sleeping for a hour, I woke with a much better outlook on life, but still a little duboius about whether I could continue to push myself into doing debate. My partner is also having these thoughts. so if you were wondering how debate ended up going for me, I did very poorly, ranking 4th speaker for the first time. (which means I was the worst speaker in my debate that round) But i don't want to be sympathized with, because I knew I wasn't really prepared for this. Anyways, my coach and partner and I have to have a serious disscusion about debate and see if I'm going to continue.

If you follow my blog you know that I recently watched Fireproof, the seherwood film that was Fandango's top seller when it came out. I continue to be impressed by the effort this church puts into thier films and really enjoyed it. obviously there's no way for them to make a Hollywood style film, but it was impressive all the same. If you havent' seen it you should see if it's still out or rent it when it's out on DVD.

Spirit Week:
this week is spirit week at school, and it's lots of fun to see the ways people dress, but yesterday was slightly disturbing. it was wacky tacky day and several of the girls in school were wearing ther bikini tops over shirts and bikini bottoms over layers of pants. I understand that the sentiment of wacky tacky is to wear as much as you can that clashes, but really what was the point of that??? And I'm happy to say that some of the sophmore boys in my Spanish class agreed with me, asking what the girls were trying to prove by basically wearingg thier underwear on the outsides. just a thought, I don't really think there was a big modesty issue or anything, but it looks stupid, even for wacky tacky day. If it is going to mean wearing that suff like that or it's going to mean boys are going to cross-dress I'm going to vote against it next year.

"The isolation of the Americas had remained aimportant in physical and cultural terms, but that isolation came to an end in 1492 with disaterous results" ~ World Civilizations
(A line from my WH text that i found interesting, haveing never heard Columbus's discovery portrayed as disasterous.)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Compliments of Steven

A friend of mine posted this as a Facebook note. I really appreciated his thoughts, and thought I'd share them with you. I promise that I will try to post my thoughts on Fireproof (among other things) later this week, probably Thursday. And now, may I present steven's note:

"This morning something interesting happened to me. I was running late for school and I passed this one guy on the side walk. I had seen him before (usually when I'm late) and it was the same as always, He says "Good Morning" and "Have a good day", and I do the same out of politeness. But this morning there was something different. I had been having a really bad morning, and those of you who have been around me this past weekend know that I've been under a lot of stress. But after a simple "good morning" I was feeling relieved. All it took was a simple, genuine, no-strings-attached, non-forced, friendly "good morning"That got me thinking, is that really all it takes? All he did was say "good morning" and "have a good day" and it brightened up my day. How much more joy would there be in the world today if strangers just did this one simple thing for each other? It's not much, just one little greeting. And yet just think of the impact it could have on someone. It isn't really that much, it takes almost no effort. If all of this is true then why do we go to so much trouble to avoid eye contact when we see someone else walking in our direction. What has happened when being unfriendly is the norm? Now I thought that was it, my little "epiphany" (if you can even call it that) was over. But there was still more. I was late for school, something that would normally stress me out a little (this meant another morning detention), but it didn't. Now for those of you who don't go to school in Howard County there is something you need to understand. The Howard County school system has been trying to promote civility among students, so every Monday the principal gives a civility "rule" for the week.Well I was in line at the attendance window near the front office where they do the morning announcements. I looked in and saw that out principle was reading the civility rule out of a book! How ironic is it that the administration that is supposed to be promoting this knows so little about it that they have to read it out of a book.This sort of thing shouldn't even have to be necessary. People should know how to act by high school and nobody ever even listens to the announcements. Being friendly isn't something that should have to be taught and forced on someone. If you make someone be friendly an courteous it completely misses the point. As much as we make excuses about how what a difference can I, just one person, make. I can tell you that it really can make a difference in someone's life, at the very least someone's day. I really don't know how to end this, but I do have one thing left to say. I think the Black Eyed Peas song "Where is the Love?" sums up my point entirely, and if you haven't heard it yet you really should:"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life is going by so fast!

Sorry for not having posted in like a month, but school started and life caught up with me and dragged me along as it whirled past. (Boy am I in a poetical mood)

Anyway, here’s the latest life update, just so we’re on the same page when I start getting philosophical:
~ Being a junior in HS is like impossibly hard, esp. with 4 AP classes
~ Being in Varsity Debate doesn’t help too much either
~ Trying to get in driving hours and looking at college mail just adds to the fun
~ Add to that that I still have a social life and therefore have youth groups and stuff to do with friends…
You can see how my blog would not be a major priority. Anyways, today I have a day off from school and so I can catch everyone up and try to make this more regular.

And now into the mental stuff!

Did you know that Google is only ten years old?
About three days ago they had a Google doodle window celebrating their tenth birthday. Imagine that! I can’t think of a day when I don’t use Google, either to find pictures, or websites for school, or recipes for my mom, or simply to use my Gmail account and post on my blog. How much does the rest of the world rely in Google? How many hours a day do you spend in front of your computer? What if Google crashed or got shut down one day, what would we all do? Did you know that your Microsoft word document would probably not recognize google or blog as a word? Try it! On one of my friend’s blogs (see it in the side, the one called insert really cool blog name here) has a post called the facebook files. How old is Facebook? How many of you are signed up for the Facebook event ‘the day with out facebook”? Now, how many of you won’t remember to do it until you log into facebook and see the event on the side flashing at you. Reminding you that you’re not supposed to have logged on that day? Yes, we can say big brave things, we can tell people that we aren’t dependant on our computers, but in reality we are, and we just need to make it work for us rather than us work for them.

New phrases related to online sites:
I’ll google it (google bring the verb here)
Facebook me about it (Facebook also being the verb)
That is SO my new facebook quote
I’ll look in Wikipedia (like Encyclopedia, but no one uses those anymore)

Because publishers do not censor the Internet, pretty much anyone can post stories or ideas up. What are you putting on the Internet everyday? When you post on someone’s facebook wall, are you going to remember that all your mutual friends will see that? Just something to think about. It’s hard to have integrity online, And I know it most of all, having a blog, but it’s important that we do. It’s here to stay, so lets use it for good.

Thoughts on Grades
So how many people have read the report card by Andrew Clements? I think that it has a very good point about grades. Grades are for teachers to see how their students are doing, how they are succeeding, whether they need help. Grades are for colleges to determine whether students will be able to keep up with the courses at their schools.
Grades should NOT be for students to show off to one another, should NOT be for schools to compete on whose students have higher GPA’s, should NOT be a stress filled thing when students are waiting to receive them.

However, Grades are all of the above (both the good and the bad) and more. I’m not sure what I think about this yet, but I know that grades are so stressful, and I feel like they shouldn’t be, because in ten years which will matter more, my grades or the friendships I built, both with God and with people?

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m going to see it today. I really like what Alex Harris (I think it was Alex) said on the Rebelution blog about it and the previous sherwood films (see side bar). I will post again this evening when I’ve seen it, but it promises to be really, really good, the trailer gives me shivers and causes emotion to rise to the top.

This years Policy debate topic is Alternative energy. There’s so much out there on it, and I’m trying to read up more on it, but the choice to do debate is not an easy one, and it requires a ton of outside work. Please pray for me in this, as my academics have to come before my extra-curricular, and the extra-curricular takes a ton of time.

“It is our choices that make us who we really are, much more than our abilities.” ~Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School School and more School

so yesterday a really great thought for the blog flitted into my head...unfortunatly this thought happened at ten PM when i was going to bed, and I didn't write it down so I forgot it. If I remeber I will alert you.

And now, since it's the final day of the first week of school: the school post!!! duh duh duh.
Sorry for all this sillyness, but since school started life has been a little less interesting.
I have fairly good teachers, and my math teacher is fun and energetic, which always helps. Everyone keeps telling me that Sierra(my sis) and I look a lot alike. And so on and so on. And I'm starting to realize how much harder it's going to be to continue to 'do hard things' when life is the same day after day after day.

But yesterday was our first debate club meeting. And it was fun being a smart political student for a while. However, what am I going to do with all this information? Unless it goes somewhere, what's the point?

And about the political thing. It's very easy to look down on Senator Obama, for me at least. But it's important to not slander him. both canidates claim christianity, yet we hear them putting each other down constantly. Let's remember to keep courtosy in our politics. A friend of mine has opposing political views, but we're still wonderful friends. It's a hard thing to do, but we need to do it.

Quote: N/A cause I'm in school.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The circle of life

I got some sad news today. a kid in my graduating class from school died earlier this summer, about a month ago(not suicide FYI, he died from heart surgery). While i didn't really know him that well, it's still sobering. In the one class I had with him freshman year he seemed to be a nice kid, but really, who expects someone to die at my age? It shakes things up a bit. I liked what I knew of Grant and felt rather shell shocked when I learned he'd died.

Ironically, the other news that I wanted to post involves birth. My cousin is pregnant and due in April. (see picture from her wedding on the sidebar). She's wanted to be a mom all her life and her dream is finally coming true. I'm happy that I'm getting a second cousin (is that right?).

But it proves the circle of things. People die and are born and life is finite. God is infinite. being with God for eternity is infinite. Life is a flash in the pan and can be cut off whenever God feels your ready. The ancient greeks used believe your life was a thread that the three fates wove. One fate spun you into existence, the other woven you into the world, and the third cut you off when your life was done. In some ways I'm going thru the same emotions that are always expressed in books, that it's not fair that a thriving young 16 year old should die, but I can't change anything that God had happen. All I can do is pray for his family and rejoice that God is in control of our circle of life, giving K and C a new baby.

This week on my street a big bonanza has been running. All the kids on the street under age 10 have been running a lemonade (spelt lemonaid on the sign) stand and selling it to varouis parents, dog walkers and mailmen. they probably would have made a total of 15 total over the three days it ran, but they kept spending their own money that they'd earned the day before on their own lemonade, and then getting it back and spending it again. It reminded me of the stories about old cotton sharecroppers, who'd get paid by the big boss and then go to spend thier money in the store run by the same big boss.

"We are all connected to each other, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends." ~ Pocahontas

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thoughts from a busy busy week

Well my younger sibs. went camping this weekend and I got my school schedule and the Olympics started and therefore I haven't posted!! So here's a latest update on all my thoughts.

Quote (first so that it won't be missed): “True Love is not simply an emotional Response. It manifests itself in acts of kindness, generosity and those actions that produce the greatest benefit to the object loved.” ~ William Wilberforce

Thoughts on...
1) Antietam National Battlefield
Rather terrifying. More than a thuosand men died there during a 13 hour battle. If that was the carnage from one battle, think how many families were hurt, how terrible the rest of the war must have been? And now we just go and look on as curious tourists. Very sad. I hate studying the wars. I think that I would have been one of the settlers wo moved west to escape the civil war. I'm personally more interested in random but peaceful stories, like Emma Thompson, the girl spy who played boy and then stole across enemy lines.

2) the movie Mamma Mia! (Warning: if you want to see it this part will spoil it, so skip it and come back after you've seen the movie if you want it to be a surprise)

At the end of the movie there's a bit with Colin Firth's character being gay. I personally was aaffronted by that and found it very unnessecary. it added nothing to the original plot and sulied the actor for me. A friend of mine, Nancy, says that she tries not to let an actors personal life affect her opinion of thier acting skills, and not to let the roles they've played affect her opinion of them. While that is a worthy goal, and I also try to follow it, I think that by agreeing to play this part Colin Firth is inadvertantly showing his approval of male-male relationships. He's popular enuogh to have turned it down but he didn't, and sad to say that has to reflect on his character.

Also the rest of the movie had confusing morals and ideas. The Mom in the movie slept with 3 men the summer she was pregnant and suffered almost no emotional consequences. She has no idea who her daughter's father is and frankly doesn't care. At the end of the movie each man agrees to 'take a third' of Sophie and it seems to approve of the mother's wild summer twenty years before. Appropriate? I think not.

And another thing. At the end of the movie, the young Sophie decides at the Alter that she doesn't want to marry at all, and rather she'll go around the world with this boy unmarried, having sex all over the place! They claim they love one another, why not say the vows and consecrate thier relationship? Nope, not in hollywood.

Finally the mother gets married to her first summer fling boy who was engaged at the time of thier first meeting and he fooled around. Went home., got married, got divorced, camp back and married his summer love. Confusing? yes. But why was he fooling around that original summer if he was engaged, hmmm?

The Music was OK, catchy, the girlfriend theme was cute, but the moral ideas were not a winner with me.

3) Pride in my heritage
I watched the opening of the Olympics, with it's obvious Chinease Culture and heritage. The chinese people are proud of who they are. I'm proud to hail from that nation and carry thier blood. No, I'm not proud of communism, but I think they deserve this Olympics and are being good hosts, and I'm glad I can claim part of it.

I'm also proud to be a marylander. once again, I'm not proud that Baltimore was a great slave port or of other mistakes, but I'm proud of Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff, proud of our civil war soldiers, proud of the people, even proud of our crabs.

4) School schedule
While everyone else complains about teachers and having to go back, I'm looking forward to finally getting back to a routine and meeting my new teachers. Yep, I'm a nerd, and I'm proud of it. I have a fire for learning that my friends lack.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

forgot the quote

"The Bible is a map of where you REALLY live".
~ Gregg Harris

What defines me...

Listening to the BarlowGirl song Mirror. Thinking about it, in the lyrics she sings that 'you won't define me', 'who are you to tell me that I'm less than what I should be'. Well personally I've never had much trouble with mirrors, but there are other things that define me. The important part is figuring out what parts are good motivators and which are not.

Now I'm listening to MercyMe's I can only imagine. I had the best chat with my little cousin yesterday about the idea in this song. We were in the car on our way home from Coldstone Creamery and I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. Noah yells up to my dad "Emily's not wearing a seatbelt!" He's really worried about it. He turns around and asks me, 'what if we get hit, then you'll die!" My sister says 'yeah it'll be headline news '16 year old dies in car crash. Cousin tried to warn her''. I laughed and said it would be really funny, then Noah says, 'but you wouldn't be here to see it! You’d be dead. You’ll have to come down on a cloud to read the paper!" So then I said 'Noah I wouldn't be thinking about the paper, my soul would be rejoicing!" Noah says, 'well if I died I'd come visit you."

I was touched by his eight-year-old heart, but thinking about it, I really don't believe in that idea that people can see the world from heaven. Why would you want to? You’re in the presence of God, why would you ever turn back? It's something that I can 'only imagine'.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Books and Barbie dolls

I read a mavelous kids book today. It's called Julia's Kitchen. The book is about a eleven year old girl, Cara, whose mother and little sister die in a fire, and how she deals with her grief. It was a sad little story, but ended on a message of hope and love. In all honesty it made me cry. I won't spoil the story but it should be read!

My thought for today comes from playing Barbies with my younger sister. We were each going to pick two barbies and dress them up and then go play with them. Well, since I wasn't interested in dressing my barbie doll in a cinderella gown I began to search for some regular clothes. In the multitude of boxes, I found several clothes that would have made me blush if I saw them on a real person. I eventually did find some cute barbie clothes that I liked and that were modest, but it took me at least fourty five minutes of serching through the box to find some. Now, If you think about it, three to seven year old little girls are going to be playing with these dolls, you'd think the maker's would make some better clothes for them! I got to explain to my little brother what modesty was as a result of these dolls, but wouldn't it have been easier to just make modest clothing for barbies in the first place? It's not like it's impossible!

Quote: "Are you, daughter of God, all that he planned for you to be?" -Brett Harris
"we will become the men and women we strive to be" - Alex Harris

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Change in blog format...yet again

While I love the snapshots I've been including I don't want to feel compled to have to post one everyday, since not everyday will have a sharable moment. Snapshots will probably end up in most posts from now on, but I also want to add a quotes section and a reading list to the side of my blog. So I will no longer include the books I am currently reading but rather leave some of the best on the sidebar. The Vowel Poetry has lost interest and the ideas section is coming back into focus. SO, the revamp is going to look like this:

In blog posts: Ideas, snapshots if possible and quotes

On sidebar: my blog list which is getting longer and longer, my book list, and pictures if I can get them

Now, since we've finished logistical stuff, on to the real intersting part.

I think all of the 3200 people who were at the conference went away with something different, as can be seen by several different blogs all posting about it. But, how many of us are going to keep the flame burning longer than a month? I think Perseverance is very hard to follow through with. For example, two summers ago I made a list of books that I wanted to read by the time I turned 16. well now I'm sixteen and I've read less than half of the books because I can't perservere. I've been reading 2 peter with Jenna and in the first chapter Peter lists the steps to ensuring your faith and building your character. (I'm trying to memorize it). It goes something like 'add to your faith goodness and to good ness knowledge and to knowledge self control and to self control perserverance and to perserverance brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness love.' (2 peter 1:4-7, not exactly quoted). Anyway, while it's really hard to have any of those qualities, perserverance in today's society (like I said I like that word better than culture) is not expected and is often not found. Or how about Galatians 5, where the fruits of the spirit are listed? (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) How many of us can say we have those? Today I'm taking Ernest Shackleton for my model, who perservered and crossed the antarctic to save a crew of 27 men. and you should too.

Yesterday I helped my dad and his friend Mr paul take carpet out of Mr. Paul's house. I think I shocked all of Mr. Paul's neighbor's because I am a 16 year old girl and I was dragging dirty carpet out of his house. But it's so much fun to rip carpet out! you just yank it off the floor and haul it out! very easy. the hard part is removing the nails and stables that were holding it down. So that's what I did yesterday.

Qoute: "Something is wrong when our lives make sense to non-believers" (from the book Crazy Love, compliments of megan brown)

quick snapshot story thing that goes with the quote: at camp our life gaurd indie was telling me how her fellow life gaurds think she's crazy for volenteering to be the only life guard at camp for a week and not get paid. makes no sense to non-believers, but to us, Indie's enjoying the chance to fellowship with other christians and effect little campers lives. Cool isn't it?

*I'm in a hurry so I didn't correct my spelling mistakes and such. sorry!

Monday, July 28, 2008

An Awesome and Amazing God

Snapshot: His hands at work

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Do Hard Things Conference at Covenant Life Church. If I could, I’d write down everything Alex and Brett said for you to read and love, but I can’t. So what I will do is tell you to read their book, Do Hard Things (I promise they’re not paying me for this pitch). It is a wonderful motivator for teens in today’s society. (I like that word better than culture). I will also tell you the key moments for me personally. There are 3.

A) Brett’s session on the seven steps to doing hard things, particularly the trap of complacency
Personally, I think of myself as a pretty smart kid. Sure, there are some kids smarter than me, but I’m nearer the top in my estimation. Being the president of the debate club and taking 4 AP classes next year sounds good to most people. But there are certain things I don’t do that I should. Saturday was a real eye opener for me as I listened to a warning against feeling to good about yourself and where you are in life. So I have resolved to do better, harder things, and do better jobs at them. That was moment number one.

B) My sister Jessica
This is not really a moment but an ongoing thing. Throughout the conference I enjoyed, my little sister was there with me the whole time, and I am very excited that she and I can work on doing hard things together. I was washed over with a feeling of sisterly love and remembered her salvation, which I had privy to be a part of. That was moment/feeling number two.

C) My friend Hannah’s and my friend Kevin’s salvation
At the conference they had what I call a ‘revival moment’. Greg Harris, the twin’s dad, gave an incredibly compelling lecture on wolves in sheep’s clothing. (I’m really looking forward to listening to his sermon). After that we had a few questions, which revealed my own short comings, but I never expected any of the youth from my church to rise on the last question of who had just become a new Christian. When I saw my friend Hannah make her way to the front I was just awed. God is so powerful and good and I am so happy that I have a new little sister in Christ, especially since she switches to a public high school this coming year after a life of home schooling. We’ve been praying for her for a while and it was just so cool to see God do that. Like even more than cool, it was amazing in the fullest sense of the word. But, after that, on the way home from the conference in the car, my friend Emma told me that her brother Kevin had been reborn at that moment as well. Kevin is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet and I was so happy for him! So now he’s going to start the ball rolling to become a member of our church. And think, around a hundred fifty people were saved at this conference! Think of all the other stories like this that there must be, the other friends that are also rejoicing! HALLELUIA and AMEN! What else can one say when God works this way. That was moment number three.

Do Hard Things (again) Real Christianity(by William Wilberforce) Mere Christianity(by C.S. Lewis)The second and third books are some that I am challenging myself to read based on a challenge (to read great books) from the twins.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Birthday Girl

1) yesterday was my little sister's birthday. she turned nine years old. I think all the birthday fun stressed her out, but she enjoyed it all the same.

One of the presents I gave her was a toy cell phone. This will be the third she's had, the sixth or seventh in our household. They run out of batteries, get broken, get taken by younger or older siblings, get lost, etc. But overall there's always a set of play keys and a play cell phone for those who want to use them. At one point, I think we even had a toy ipod in our house! It's only fault was that it could only play the American Idol theme, and none of us watch American Idol.

The presents that I think she liked best were the scooter from my parents and the Barbie dolls from my Bestemor (That's norwegian for grandma).

I also witnessed a cute little scene yesterday. My youngest sister is just two years old, and came up to the birthday girl to ask if she could "please hold that one(Barbie)?". She got the Barbie and in return for the favor went over to my dad and said "we go get candles for nini." (nini is what she calls our sister.) Dad had alreasy been out and didn't really want to go pick up birthday candles, but went in order to appease little big eyes aka my two year old sister.

The Three Musketeers(again! trying to get through it!) The Thomas the Tank engine Collection (The Thomas stories are well worth reading, plus it's quality time with mio hermano.)

Surfing: I get to go to thier conference saturday! lucky me!! yeah!

Vowel Poem:
yesterday I was reading my old compositions from about eight or nine years old. I was a very imaginative little girl, I wrote stories about turkeys and weddings and all sorts of crazy stuff. here's a poem about little me.

"Memory Lane"
A lways had a strong imagination
E veryone said I was such a charming kid
I never recognized how silly it was
O r was it?
U sually kids can't imagine

A nd now I know that
E ven though I was a goofball
I wouldn't have changed a thing
O nly I remember all these details
U sually those notes are lost

Yet I have them all.

A ll my old notebooks, for school, and my journals
E very last one is right there.
I maginative stories
O ld poems, Old songs.
U ntil I read them, I didn't realize the treasure

Yes, I remember now.

(nobody else would have as much fun with those books as I do.)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thinking Back...

1) Star is tall, has strawberry blond curly hair, and has a bubbly personality that goes along with it. Her actual personality is so different, because she's really rather shy. But to me, she's just Star, who carries wisdom and responsibility on her thin shoulders. GO STAR!

2) My sister, although she denies it, is a popularity queen. She's always going out, either to play at friend's houses or to goof off at the pool.

3) Meet Catilen! (I can't spell it, it's pronunced cayt-len)
Ten years old, short light brown hair, slightly curly at the end, wears little glasses and has a slightly high pitched voice. She was one of my bright little campers this past week at camp. She told several stories and was a very intelligent little girl. In Bible Ex, she always popped up with answers. She was quite a sweetie, she told lots of stories and knew lots of facts. I hope I helped teach her more, and she was a bright little bubble in my life, I only hope I returned the favor.

The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter, Seven Daughters and Seven Sons


I'm learning little lessons from AiO today.

Vowel Poem
A lways and forever,
E ven in my dreams,
I have memories
O h, such memories
U ntil I see them again
Y ou remain in my thoughts Wildflowers!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Virginia Dogwood, a Southern Belle

Ginny is a sweetheart. She's got a short brown cut that just brushes below her chin and a twang in her voice that labels her as a southern belle right away. She has the ability to bring out smiles, but also is not someone to mess with, since she doesn't tolerate stubborn people. Every morning Ginny would rise our campers in a gentle way, which was so helpful. She also took more showers than anyone else on staff! Yep, that's Ginny, a BMW with class.

The three Musketeers

Christy Thomas' photo blog...I like her pictures a lot and try to portray verbal snapshots just as well.

Vowel Poem
'A mazing Grace'
'E veryday'
'I love you Lord'
O h let that refrain fill my heart
'U ntil the day he comes'

Monday, July 14, 2008

Camp is what I love...

(Note: I will eventually talk about campers, but you have to meet the amazing staff first)
Today, you get to meet three very special sisters, Chryse, Bambee and Jabo. First physical descriptions and then why they're special. Chryse reaches about to my shoulder in height, has brown hair that has blond highlights (she pulls this off in a very pretty princessy effect). Currently she has very sunburned shoulders and is very sensitive to touch. Bambee has small hands, something I noticed this week, and a very distinctive face. Her face looks like it should be smiling and yet can scare me pretty badly when I've been misbehaving. She also has blonde streaks in her curly hair, but they have a different effect than Chryse's, because they frame her face when her hair is down and make two stripes running across her head when it's pulled up. (the way I normally see it). Jabo is just about my age, and looks very much like her sister Chryse, but with and fun twist and sparkle in her eye. Her hair is also curly and cascades down her back. I love Jabo's hair when it's wet and she's drying it out, because the sun shines on it and it flows with her.

These three beautiful sisters are more involved in camp than I am, and taught me how to do some very important things. For example, Jabo has an amusing imagination. For example, this week at camp we made pet rocks, and her's was a 'martian from the moon'. Don't ask me how that makes sense, but she explained it to me. Jabo's also working on an act with a zebra puppet, she's getting quite good at talking with out moving her lips. Anyways, she lightens me up with laughter and joy, and I was really sad when she had to leave camp because she was sick.
Bambee, on the other hand, keeps me from hurting myself and teaches me how to do things. This week I learned how to light a match, and built my first campfire ring fire all on my own, under the tutalage of Bambee. Even with the outdoorsy woman feel to her, Bambee is a real sweetheart, and I love her like crazy. (That's not to say she wasn't a little intimidating for a long time!) She has a certian control, through which I know that she's in charge but that she's also my friend. Hum, sounds kind of like Jesus. Bambee is a great mirror for Christ. Chryse is hard to talk about because I didn't see her much this week. She does all kinds of thingsa that I could never keep up with, but I always appreciate what she says at prayer meetings in the morning. To phrase it like my father would, Chryse's got her head on straight.

Reading: The three Musketeers

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

Oh my goodness there are so many snapshots I could give from camp! Actually, camp will probably be the snapshots for a week or so. So first... (drumroll please) Johnny and Tuca!
Meet two of our staff girls. They were the counsolors for seven lower? I'm pretty sure it was lower. anyway, they enjoy each others company way to much! They're silly, but I love them very very much. Johnny is a little taller than me, has short curly hair, throws axes and tomahawks for fun, knows more about reptiles than any other girl I've ever met, and is just general beautiful, inside and out. Tuca is approx. 4 inches taller than me and has shoulder legnth brown hair, wears bandanas and hats at camp, as well as glasses, likes to read fantasy and is also a good actress, no matter what she says. both have distinctive laughs and are generally using thier laughter to brighten my day. Both also have good shoulders to sleep on when one is tired.

Friday, July 4, 2008

away for a week

I don't really have time to post today, just a heads up that I'll be at camp for a week. comment on how much you miss my stimulating blog! lol, or write to me at camp (you have to basically mail your letter tomorrow)

lotus c/o
Camp Hemlock
General Delivery
Wardensville WV 26851

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yawn Yawn Yawn

So, after I get on my blog again and get a blog list, no one posts! LOL, the world is out to get me!

1) not a person today
Today my neighbor handed me a bag of goopy brown mess with all good intentions. The story is that it's "Amish friendship bread'. The idea is that everyone adds to the starter, bakes it with a favorite addition and then passes the started on to a friend, who will use that starter to make thier own bread, begin a new starter and pass it. (Is that gross or what?) anyways, so I have this goopy dough that I'm supposed to add flour to on certian days, then I squeeze it all out of the bag and bake it. The bread tastes OK, but the yuck dough doesn't seem to good. (It smells too, because it's got yeast or something in it.) Anyone want to take it?

The four story mistake, The pearl
The pearl is only 75 pages, I should be able to read it quickly right? WRONG! I get distracted alot.

did you know they give away free Wii jackets?!?

Vowel Poem
Camp Planning
(To understand this you have to realize I'm going to be a counsolor at Wildflowers next week)

A bunch of laundry
E ventually I'll need to pack
I am excited
O nly I have to prepare
U sually I don't do so well at that

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How life gets away from me!

busy busy busy. totally ignored this for a week or so. then, lo and behold, Ryan gets a blog, reminding me to update and check in on mine! sorry for the no post interval, it was unintentional. Hey, comments are welcome and encouraged!

1) Cousins Cousins Cousins!
Yes, I have more extended family! This week my Boston (actually Acton) cousins came to visit. there's Megan, Rachel, and Joe. Meg and Rachel both wear glasses and have a slightly intellectual feel to them because they both like to write, etc. Meg wears name brand clothes and looks rally cute in them cause she's skinny. Rachel has a tendancy to be sarcastic, but is still fun. Joe has gotten rather stocky and has his own email address even though he's only eight! They recently got a dog, as did our mutual cousin Noah, so I have been forced to put my dislike of dogs aside. No, I haven't gotten a love for them, just a tolerance. Bella and Zouko(not sure if that's spelled right), are two very differnt dogs. Z is an American Akita, purebreed, and HUGE, but very very calm around people. Bella is small, black, a mix of a black lab and a beagle, and very jumpy aroud people. so that has been the last couple of days with out posts.

Navs started again last week. Tomorrow the team leaves for Camaroon. The rest of the summer we get to hang out with the summer interns, we have 3. Nathan (who doesn't really count since we all know him already), Jessi (with an e?) and Janna. (possibly Jenna, I'm a terrible speller). Anyway, all three of them are very cool. Nathan is tall and male, the exact opposite of Jessi, who's petie and female. Janna is kind of in between, I like her, being tall and female. She has a really nice tan too. (random side note)

Reading: The Professor's House, Me and my little brain, Looking for Alaska
(The Professor's House) this Willa Cather is kind of confuusing since there seems to be no real plot to it, so I'm looking into it.
(Me and my little brain) I have a tendancy to re-read short funny little books like this one. Other good anecdotes include Homer Price and Henry Reed Inc.

the afore metioned Blog. I should probably start using that new blog list!

Vowel Poem:
Camaroon Team

All are excited, that's obvious
Everyone's packing today
I wish them well, and will miss them
Oh, and pray for the teens (the ones going and the ones who live there)
Usually great things happen on mission trips
Yeah, God will do it on this one too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life and all it's implications

1) Mr Jon
Christian, short, balding, black, about fifty-three. teaches driver's ed. Claims to be writing a book on courtship and dating. (I have yet to see proof of the book). Applauds for tests. Asks deep questions, but also laughs at you. expects you to hate his class. Trys to change that. Puts 'Law and Order' on for the second half of today's lesson. Puts 'Cars' on to fill time. Still manages to teach and students ace tests. Such is Mr. Jon, my driver's Ed teacher. a very complex man.

Reading: Under a war torn sky, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I got distracted again. instead of finishing a book, working on studying for the SAT's and filling out job applications, (I'm looking for a job by the way, if you see any please comment to tell me!!) I read Harry Potter all day long. Mostly fan fic, but then I picked up the real book. Planning to write my own fan fic eventually.

The fan fic. site I read yesterday. look for my stories here by the end of the month. author, lotusblossom. ;-)

Vowel Poem: (new feature)
For this week, or as long as I am interested in this idea, you get to read a poem of sorts, starting with the Vowels for each line. (occasionally I'll add Y). This will show the thoughts of the day.

Driver's Ed videos

"Accident chain of events"
Everyone is responsible
Intense lesson (sarcasm)
Oh no, construction zone. (sarcasm)
Upset by a train
Yeah, today's lesson

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sorry for the two postless days!

Today: I had a very busy weekend and therefore did not post. Today was the first almost normal day, except that my siblings have started a day camp. Yesterday I helped out a a birthday party and didn't post.

Reading: Under a War-Torn Sky
I finally gave up on of mice and men. I will read it at some point this summer, but I can't get myself to start while I have other books from the library.

Yikes, car crash for the skitiots! if you follow my posts at all, the skitiots are the skit guys seconds. They're cool, but tow of them were in an accident, pray for them!

the blog keeps my spying on my friends as they prepare for a musical. I plan to see it Thursday.

Ideas: go out driving??

Snapshots: (my fav. part of blogging)
1) I'm an adoring cousin
Blond, curly haired, short and witty, my cousin is one of my favorite people in the whole world. Saturday at David's graduation reception Ben and I had a good long conversation. He told me all kinds of tidbits on college searches, job hunting, driving, everything under the sun that a high schooler might be interested in. Since He's about fifteen months older than I, he reaches all ages first, and is therefore more schooled in these subjects. At this point, everyone in our family knows that if we are visiting each other, you'll find me with Ben.
2) Brave little warrior
a friend of my little sister can't walk without braces. Monday I had a chance to interact with her. She is one of the most sweet, social, happy little girls you will ever meet. An angel on earth, she's amazing, the life of the party, even in the face of her wheelchair.
3) Four year old cutie pie
I also had a chance to play with a little friend of mine. Recently adopted from Russia, Hannah is so precious! She learns to speak very quickly and is well on her way to being fluent. I adore her, she is really cute and I hope to be part of her life in the years to come. (her parent's blog is )

So I realize I'm not very detailed and will be working on that in future posts. I think I'm going to drop the 'Today' and 'ideas'. This week we'll start a new plan, in which snapshots will be first, reading and surfing second, ending with my new idea! (Read tomorrow...)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

His complexion is perfect gallows...

Today: or rather, yesterday, I went to see "Shakespeare in the Ruins" performed by the Chesapeake Shakepeare Company. They were doing 'The Tempest', and it was amazingly cool. Afterwards, I got treated to an explanation of comedys v. tragadies, which was really interesting. (No sarcasm, I really did like it) Today, I get to drive two hours to see my cousins whom I adore (see yesterday's post).

Reading: The Color Purple, of Mice and Men
It's a miracle, but I haven't finished either of these yet. Tomorrow should bring a new book.


Ideas: start studying for the SAT??

1) Meet the McCormacks!
This brother/sister pair look very much alike, get along comfortably well and know more about everything literature, paticularly Shakespeare, than anyone else.
2) Meet Miranda, Gonzalo and Ariel...
These Fictional characters from 'The Tempest' were well cast and I enjoyed their interpretations of the characters. Ariel and Gonzalo I have seen perform before, but Miranda was a debut actress. I paticularly appreciated the portrayal of Gonzalo.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I love little kids

Today: We watched Cars in Driver's Ed! It was really fun, I love that movie, it's much better than the boring movies about your turn signal, etc. My sisters are cleaning house in order to have thier friends over tonight, which is nice, it means they're doing my chores for me! Tomorrow my handsome & debonair cousin celebrates his graduation from High School and moves into the bigger world. He's really cool. Today I also should look over my RED notebook and try to gather my notes for camp, only two weeks to go!

Reading: The Color Purple, of Mice and Men
So I got distracted, and still have yet to finish of Mice and Men, because The Color Purple was more attention grabbing. I suggest reading The Color Purple with a pinch of salt, you will find out what I mean if I read it.

Ideas: Looking for job applications, aim to get one by end of this month hopefully

Surfing: and
AiO has been with me since I was eight. half my life so far! I love it, and this week's podcast is deleted scenes, if you listen to AiO, it's funny. (My graduating cousin is actually the one who introduced it to me!)

The skit guys are also very very neat. They were at Impact, and since then I've followed their podcasts also, watch the Camp rules on PDA, Puh-duh video! (Today is a podcast day)

Snapshots: Little children are adorable
1) My neighbor Lydia
she's about 4 and she was out playing with her cousin when I walked home from Driver's Ed. when she noticed me, the joy in her voice was sooo cute! (I babysit for her all the time) She had to introduce me to her cousin and tell me his name and it was SOO cute.

2) My baby sister (she's 2)
She just came up to me with a popsicle and said "Open it pwese?" (in baby lisp). Then she gave me half as a reward for helping her.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

whoops forgot this part


A few years ago I got a set of stamps and have been interested in honing my talent ever since. I got these sites of another blogger page and am exploring!!!

The figurative pains of growing up

Today: My driver's Ed teacher told me that i 'could not read during the break and had to go out and enjoy the sunshine'. Undaunted, I took my book outside, but it brought up the fact that I read about three books a day on average during the summer, a fact one of my childhood phantoms that I met last week reminded me of. (the 'childhood phantom' refers to Mr. Clark, who I met at my friend's graduation. He hasn't changed in the 5 years since I saw him, but I relized how much I had grown because I now reached his shoulder in height.) That was my first pain of growing up, relaizing that it was actually happening, even if some things, like the reading, clung on.

Reading: Duchessina, of Mice and Men
Speaking of old habits the die hard, I read the three books I was reading yesterday and half of another in less than 6 hours. Today's books will require approximatly the same amount of concentration. Duchessina is my own chioce of book, but of Mice and Men comes recommended from an aquaintance of mine. While I trust his judgement, any book that famous is normally boring, and John Steinback is not my farovite author. But such is the pain of growing up, if I want to sound educated, I must read the educated literature!! ;-)

Ideas: I want to host a Revolution girls group shebang bu tdon't really know when I possibly can. Also want to start a research project on Wlm. Shakespeare (yesterday's book peaked my interest). However, I have hundereds of such research projects that were begun and never finished, and this one will probably end the same way.

Snapshot: (new added feature! Idea from KatieK's blog)
Today's snapshots come from two sources.
1) woman at Giant
yesterday my dad and I went to Giant to get stamps and saw a woman who had overspent on her giant card and had to put some of her groceries back. More than once the idea to pay her bill crossed my mind, but I couldn't think of a gracious way to do so and she left without several of her purchases. She reminded me of another woman I know, and that picture will stay with me for weeks.
2) Women at MVA
Last Saturday my mom and I went to the MVA to pick up my Learner's Permit. While sitting at the waiting area, an older woman, about 55 years old, sat down next to me. At the time I was reading, so she didn't talk to me, but was friendly to the other waiters in our area. She chatted casually with a father who was getting his daughters provisional, held the baby of a young mother(I couldn't tell if she was a teen mom or not, but she didn't have a ring), made conversation with the mother and kept the baby from crying for about fourty five minutes, when her number was called and she politely left. It seemed like this lady was lonely, but she made the rest of us have a brighter day with her chatter. she reminded my of my grandma.

So if you continued to read this far, both those ladies perked my writer's interest and I put both of them in my notebook (which I carry in my purse).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...*music*

Today: It's absolutely georgeous outside. I was walking home from, you guessed it, driver's Ed, and enjoying the lovely suburban lawns and domesticated flowers. But seriously, it really is wonderful. Today I'm on mission GET STAMPS! Many of my friends are away at summer camp and I have to use snail mail to contact them, so as a result I have to go with the buraucracy and buy some of those intensly expensive stamps!

Reading: The Claim, Loving Will Shakespeare, The prize Winner of Defiance Ohio
I have a tendancy to consume way to many books in one day, not giving myself sufficient time to enjoy all of them. However, The Claim I have read before, and Loving Will Shakespeare is a teenage girl novel, which means that, while enjoyable, it doesn't require a lot of attention. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio should take me several days, so it will continue to pop up.

(note, I just figured out how to italicize today)

Ideas: Thinking I should really get around to reading Jane Eyre, since I was given two wonderful copies for my birthday. Also wondering if I can get a couple of my friends together to see a movie, but I'm to lazy. I NEED STRUCTURE!!! It helps me get things done.

I love this blog. so much. the author is a friend of my parents, but she's really fun, as well as wise and 'worldly', having traveled over the whole earth. (She's an MK (missionary kid))

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


First, an explanation of the name: In my father's hands I think is relativly obvious, referencing my heavenly Father, but also in a sense my earthly father, simply because I'm in his hands and under his care until I move out. The life of a lotus blossom refers to me! that's my name at summer camp, and I've recently been reading a book refering to young women as blossoms budding in the sun. This blog represents my blooming, kind of.

Today: second day of Driver's Ed., not nearly as exciting as the first, and my experiences with...TEMPATATION. In case you didn't know, that's a TV game show on channel 24. I've been watching it with my sisses for a few days, and now I'm calling all kinds of things my 'tempatation'. For example, we bought some plums the other day and thier my "temptation fruit'. Dove chocolate my mom bought for father's day is 'temptation gold' etc. But It got me to thinking, what is temptation really? Ideas are welcome.

Reading: Hound of the Baskervilles
I finished it today, I will definitly NOT be reading more Doyle. Hopefully I will make it to the library for some more books.

I'm currently pouring over Harry Potter fanart, and this site is totally tops.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My first post...

So I've started this out of sheer summer bordom, but also because the idea of blogs seems interesting to me and I want to test it.

Today: I went to my first driver's Ed. lesson, which was interesting, and read most of the day. I'm already bored with my summer, as one can see by the creation of this blog. I need structure in my life! luckily, I will have the two weeks of driver's Ed, and then Camp Wildflowers to keep me somewhat organized, as well as Summer Navs activities. Hopefully by next school year I will be able to get a provisional and drive!

Reading: The hound of the Baskervilles and Catherine, called Birdy
The hound of the Baskervilles is the first Holmes novel I've ever read, and I'm not paticularly enjoying it. I'm really only reading it because it's on the list of books recommended to me by friends.
Catherine, called Birdy is much more interesting. I tend to like books that are journals, and it reminds me of my friend Birdie!

Ideas: I'm toying with the idea of cleaning and possibly painting my room.