Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life and all it's implications

1) Mr Jon
Christian, short, balding, black, about fifty-three. teaches driver's ed. Claims to be writing a book on courtship and dating. (I have yet to see proof of the book). Applauds for tests. Asks deep questions, but also laughs at you. expects you to hate his class. Trys to change that. Puts 'Law and Order' on for the second half of today's lesson. Puts 'Cars' on to fill time. Still manages to teach and students ace tests. Such is Mr. Jon, my driver's Ed teacher. a very complex man.

Reading: Under a war torn sky, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I got distracted again. instead of finishing a book, working on studying for the SAT's and filling out job applications, (I'm looking for a job by the way, if you see any please comment to tell me!!) I read Harry Potter all day long. Mostly fan fic, but then I picked up the real book. Planning to write my own fan fic eventually.

The fan fic. site I read yesterday. look for my stories here by the end of the month. author, lotusblossom. ;-)

Vowel Poem: (new feature)
For this week, or as long as I am interested in this idea, you get to read a poem of sorts, starting with the Vowels for each line. (occasionally I'll add Y). This will show the thoughts of the day.

Driver's Ed videos

"Accident chain of events"
Everyone is responsible
Intense lesson (sarcasm)
Oh no, construction zone. (sarcasm)
Upset by a train
Yeah, today's lesson

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sorry for the two postless days!

Today: I had a very busy weekend and therefore did not post. Today was the first almost normal day, except that my siblings have started a day camp. Yesterday I helped out a a birthday party and didn't post.

Reading: Under a War-Torn Sky
I finally gave up on of mice and men. I will read it at some point this summer, but I can't get myself to start while I have other books from the library.

Yikes, car crash for the skitiots! if you follow my posts at all, the skitiots are the skit guys seconds. They're cool, but tow of them were in an accident, pray for them!

the blog keeps my spying on my friends as they prepare for a musical. I plan to see it Thursday.

Ideas: go out driving??

Snapshots: (my fav. part of blogging)
1) I'm an adoring cousin
Blond, curly haired, short and witty, my cousin is one of my favorite people in the whole world. Saturday at David's graduation reception Ben and I had a good long conversation. He told me all kinds of tidbits on college searches, job hunting, driving, everything under the sun that a high schooler might be interested in. Since He's about fifteen months older than I, he reaches all ages first, and is therefore more schooled in these subjects. At this point, everyone in our family knows that if we are visiting each other, you'll find me with Ben.
2) Brave little warrior
a friend of my little sister can't walk without braces. Monday I had a chance to interact with her. She is one of the most sweet, social, happy little girls you will ever meet. An angel on earth, she's amazing, the life of the party, even in the face of her wheelchair.
3) Four year old cutie pie
I also had a chance to play with a little friend of mine. Recently adopted from Russia, Hannah is so precious! She learns to speak very quickly and is well on her way to being fluent. I adore her, she is really cute and I hope to be part of her life in the years to come. (her parent's blog is )

So I realize I'm not very detailed and will be working on that in future posts. I think I'm going to drop the 'Today' and 'ideas'. This week we'll start a new plan, in which snapshots will be first, reading and surfing second, ending with my new idea! (Read tomorrow...)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

His complexion is perfect gallows...

Today: or rather, yesterday, I went to see "Shakespeare in the Ruins" performed by the Chesapeake Shakepeare Company. They were doing 'The Tempest', and it was amazingly cool. Afterwards, I got treated to an explanation of comedys v. tragadies, which was really interesting. (No sarcasm, I really did like it) Today, I get to drive two hours to see my cousins whom I adore (see yesterday's post).

Reading: The Color Purple, of Mice and Men
It's a miracle, but I haven't finished either of these yet. Tomorrow should bring a new book.


Ideas: start studying for the SAT??

1) Meet the McCormacks!
This brother/sister pair look very much alike, get along comfortably well and know more about everything literature, paticularly Shakespeare, than anyone else.
2) Meet Miranda, Gonzalo and Ariel...
These Fictional characters from 'The Tempest' were well cast and I enjoyed their interpretations of the characters. Ariel and Gonzalo I have seen perform before, but Miranda was a debut actress. I paticularly appreciated the portrayal of Gonzalo.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I love little kids

Today: We watched Cars in Driver's Ed! It was really fun, I love that movie, it's much better than the boring movies about your turn signal, etc. My sisters are cleaning house in order to have thier friends over tonight, which is nice, it means they're doing my chores for me! Tomorrow my handsome & debonair cousin celebrates his graduation from High School and moves into the bigger world. He's really cool. Today I also should look over my RED notebook and try to gather my notes for camp, only two weeks to go!

Reading: The Color Purple, of Mice and Men
So I got distracted, and still have yet to finish of Mice and Men, because The Color Purple was more attention grabbing. I suggest reading The Color Purple with a pinch of salt, you will find out what I mean if I read it.

Ideas: Looking for job applications, aim to get one by end of this month hopefully

Surfing: and
AiO has been with me since I was eight. half my life so far! I love it, and this week's podcast is deleted scenes, if you listen to AiO, it's funny. (My graduating cousin is actually the one who introduced it to me!)

The skit guys are also very very neat. They were at Impact, and since then I've followed their podcasts also, watch the Camp rules on PDA, Puh-duh video! (Today is a podcast day)

Snapshots: Little children are adorable
1) My neighbor Lydia
she's about 4 and she was out playing with her cousin when I walked home from Driver's Ed. when she noticed me, the joy in her voice was sooo cute! (I babysit for her all the time) She had to introduce me to her cousin and tell me his name and it was SOO cute.

2) My baby sister (she's 2)
She just came up to me with a popsicle and said "Open it pwese?" (in baby lisp). Then she gave me half as a reward for helping her.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

whoops forgot this part


A few years ago I got a set of stamps and have been interested in honing my talent ever since. I got these sites of another blogger page and am exploring!!!

The figurative pains of growing up

Today: My driver's Ed teacher told me that i 'could not read during the break and had to go out and enjoy the sunshine'. Undaunted, I took my book outside, but it brought up the fact that I read about three books a day on average during the summer, a fact one of my childhood phantoms that I met last week reminded me of. (the 'childhood phantom' refers to Mr. Clark, who I met at my friend's graduation. He hasn't changed in the 5 years since I saw him, but I relized how much I had grown because I now reached his shoulder in height.) That was my first pain of growing up, relaizing that it was actually happening, even if some things, like the reading, clung on.

Reading: Duchessina, of Mice and Men
Speaking of old habits the die hard, I read the three books I was reading yesterday and half of another in less than 6 hours. Today's books will require approximatly the same amount of concentration. Duchessina is my own chioce of book, but of Mice and Men comes recommended from an aquaintance of mine. While I trust his judgement, any book that famous is normally boring, and John Steinback is not my farovite author. But such is the pain of growing up, if I want to sound educated, I must read the educated literature!! ;-)

Ideas: I want to host a Revolution girls group shebang bu tdon't really know when I possibly can. Also want to start a research project on Wlm. Shakespeare (yesterday's book peaked my interest). However, I have hundereds of such research projects that were begun and never finished, and this one will probably end the same way.

Snapshot: (new added feature! Idea from KatieK's blog)
Today's snapshots come from two sources.
1) woman at Giant
yesterday my dad and I went to Giant to get stamps and saw a woman who had overspent on her giant card and had to put some of her groceries back. More than once the idea to pay her bill crossed my mind, but I couldn't think of a gracious way to do so and she left without several of her purchases. She reminded me of another woman I know, and that picture will stay with me for weeks.
2) Women at MVA
Last Saturday my mom and I went to the MVA to pick up my Learner's Permit. While sitting at the waiting area, an older woman, about 55 years old, sat down next to me. At the time I was reading, so she didn't talk to me, but was friendly to the other waiters in our area. She chatted casually with a father who was getting his daughters provisional, held the baby of a young mother(I couldn't tell if she was a teen mom or not, but she didn't have a ring), made conversation with the mother and kept the baby from crying for about fourty five minutes, when her number was called and she politely left. It seemed like this lady was lonely, but she made the rest of us have a brighter day with her chatter. she reminded my of my grandma.

So if you continued to read this far, both those ladies perked my writer's interest and I put both of them in my notebook (which I carry in my purse).

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...*music*

Today: It's absolutely georgeous outside. I was walking home from, you guessed it, driver's Ed, and enjoying the lovely suburban lawns and domesticated flowers. But seriously, it really is wonderful. Today I'm on mission GET STAMPS! Many of my friends are away at summer camp and I have to use snail mail to contact them, so as a result I have to go with the buraucracy and buy some of those intensly expensive stamps!

Reading: The Claim, Loving Will Shakespeare, The prize Winner of Defiance Ohio
I have a tendancy to consume way to many books in one day, not giving myself sufficient time to enjoy all of them. However, The Claim I have read before, and Loving Will Shakespeare is a teenage girl novel, which means that, while enjoyable, it doesn't require a lot of attention. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio should take me several days, so it will continue to pop up.

(note, I just figured out how to italicize today)

Ideas: Thinking I should really get around to reading Jane Eyre, since I was given two wonderful copies for my birthday. Also wondering if I can get a couple of my friends together to see a movie, but I'm to lazy. I NEED STRUCTURE!!! It helps me get things done.

I love this blog. so much. the author is a friend of my parents, but she's really fun, as well as wise and 'worldly', having traveled over the whole earth. (She's an MK (missionary kid))

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


First, an explanation of the name: In my father's hands I think is relativly obvious, referencing my heavenly Father, but also in a sense my earthly father, simply because I'm in his hands and under his care until I move out. The life of a lotus blossom refers to me! that's my name at summer camp, and I've recently been reading a book refering to young women as blossoms budding in the sun. This blog represents my blooming, kind of.

Today: second day of Driver's Ed., not nearly as exciting as the first, and my experiences with...TEMPATATION. In case you didn't know, that's a TV game show on channel 24. I've been watching it with my sisses for a few days, and now I'm calling all kinds of things my 'tempatation'. For example, we bought some plums the other day and thier my "temptation fruit'. Dove chocolate my mom bought for father's day is 'temptation gold' etc. But It got me to thinking, what is temptation really? Ideas are welcome.

Reading: Hound of the Baskervilles
I finished it today, I will definitly NOT be reading more Doyle. Hopefully I will make it to the library for some more books.

I'm currently pouring over Harry Potter fanart, and this site is totally tops.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My first post...

So I've started this out of sheer summer bordom, but also because the idea of blogs seems interesting to me and I want to test it.

Today: I went to my first driver's Ed. lesson, which was interesting, and read most of the day. I'm already bored with my summer, as one can see by the creation of this blog. I need structure in my life! luckily, I will have the two weeks of driver's Ed, and then Camp Wildflowers to keep me somewhat organized, as well as Summer Navs activities. Hopefully by next school year I will be able to get a provisional and drive!

Reading: The hound of the Baskervilles and Catherine, called Birdy
The hound of the Baskervilles is the first Holmes novel I've ever read, and I'm not paticularly enjoying it. I'm really only reading it because it's on the list of books recommended to me by friends.
Catherine, called Birdy is much more interesting. I tend to like books that are journals, and it reminds me of my friend Birdie!

Ideas: I'm toying with the idea of cleaning and possibly painting my room.