Thursday, June 19, 2008

The figurative pains of growing up

Today: My driver's Ed teacher told me that i 'could not read during the break and had to go out and enjoy the sunshine'. Undaunted, I took my book outside, but it brought up the fact that I read about three books a day on average during the summer, a fact one of my childhood phantoms that I met last week reminded me of. (the 'childhood phantom' refers to Mr. Clark, who I met at my friend's graduation. He hasn't changed in the 5 years since I saw him, but I relized how much I had grown because I now reached his shoulder in height.) That was my first pain of growing up, relaizing that it was actually happening, even if some things, like the reading, clung on.

Reading: Duchessina, of Mice and Men
Speaking of old habits the die hard, I read the three books I was reading yesterday and half of another in less than 6 hours. Today's books will require approximatly the same amount of concentration. Duchessina is my own chioce of book, but of Mice and Men comes recommended from an aquaintance of mine. While I trust his judgement, any book that famous is normally boring, and John Steinback is not my farovite author. But such is the pain of growing up, if I want to sound educated, I must read the educated literature!! ;-)

Ideas: I want to host a Revolution girls group shebang bu tdon't really know when I possibly can. Also want to start a research project on Wlm. Shakespeare (yesterday's book peaked my interest). However, I have hundereds of such research projects that were begun and never finished, and this one will probably end the same way.

Snapshot: (new added feature! Idea from KatieK's blog)
Today's snapshots come from two sources.
1) woman at Giant
yesterday my dad and I went to Giant to get stamps and saw a woman who had overspent on her giant card and had to put some of her groceries back. More than once the idea to pay her bill crossed my mind, but I couldn't think of a gracious way to do so and she left without several of her purchases. She reminded me of another woman I know, and that picture will stay with me for weeks.
2) Women at MVA
Last Saturday my mom and I went to the MVA to pick up my Learner's Permit. While sitting at the waiting area, an older woman, about 55 years old, sat down next to me. At the time I was reading, so she didn't talk to me, but was friendly to the other waiters in our area. She chatted casually with a father who was getting his daughters provisional, held the baby of a young mother(I couldn't tell if she was a teen mom or not, but she didn't have a ring), made conversation with the mother and kept the baby from crying for about fourty five minutes, when her number was called and she politely left. It seemed like this lady was lonely, but she made the rest of us have a brighter day with her chatter. she reminded my of my grandma.

So if you continued to read this far, both those ladies perked my writer's interest and I put both of them in my notebook (which I carry in my purse).

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