Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Change in blog format...yet again

While I love the snapshots I've been including I don't want to feel compled to have to post one everyday, since not everyday will have a sharable moment. Snapshots will probably end up in most posts from now on, but I also want to add a quotes section and a reading list to the side of my blog. So I will no longer include the books I am currently reading but rather leave some of the best on the sidebar. The Vowel Poetry has lost interest and the ideas section is coming back into focus. SO, the revamp is going to look like this:

In blog posts: Ideas, snapshots if possible and quotes

On sidebar: my blog list which is getting longer and longer, my book list, and pictures if I can get them

Now, since we've finished logistical stuff, on to the real intersting part.

I think all of the 3200 people who were at the conference went away with something different, as can be seen by several different blogs all posting about it. But, how many of us are going to keep the flame burning longer than a month? I think Perseverance is very hard to follow through with. For example, two summers ago I made a list of books that I wanted to read by the time I turned 16. well now I'm sixteen and I've read less than half of the books because I can't perservere. I've been reading 2 peter with Jenna and in the first chapter Peter lists the steps to ensuring your faith and building your character. (I'm trying to memorize it). It goes something like 'add to your faith goodness and to good ness knowledge and to knowledge self control and to self control perserverance and to perserverance brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness love.' (2 peter 1:4-7, not exactly quoted). Anyway, while it's really hard to have any of those qualities, perserverance in today's society (like I said I like that word better than culture) is not expected and is often not found. Or how about Galatians 5, where the fruits of the spirit are listed? (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) How many of us can say we have those? Today I'm taking Ernest Shackleton for my model, who perservered and crossed the antarctic to save a crew of 27 men. and you should too.

Yesterday I helped my dad and his friend Mr paul take carpet out of Mr. Paul's house. I think I shocked all of Mr. Paul's neighbor's because I am a 16 year old girl and I was dragging dirty carpet out of his house. But it's so much fun to rip carpet out! you just yank it off the floor and haul it out! very easy. the hard part is removing the nails and stables that were holding it down. So that's what I did yesterday.

Qoute: "Something is wrong when our lives make sense to non-believers" (from the book Crazy Love, compliments of megan brown)

quick snapshot story thing that goes with the quote: at camp our life gaurd indie was telling me how her fellow life gaurds think she's crazy for volenteering to be the only life guard at camp for a week and not get paid. makes no sense to non-believers, but to us, Indie's enjoying the chance to fellowship with other christians and effect little campers lives. Cool isn't it?

*I'm in a hurry so I didn't correct my spelling mistakes and such. sorry!

Monday, July 28, 2008

An Awesome and Amazing God

Snapshot: His hands at work

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Do Hard Things Conference at Covenant Life Church. If I could, I’d write down everything Alex and Brett said for you to read and love, but I can’t. So what I will do is tell you to read their book, Do Hard Things (I promise they’re not paying me for this pitch). It is a wonderful motivator for teens in today’s society. (I like that word better than culture). I will also tell you the key moments for me personally. There are 3.

A) Brett’s session on the seven steps to doing hard things, particularly the trap of complacency
Personally, I think of myself as a pretty smart kid. Sure, there are some kids smarter than me, but I’m nearer the top in my estimation. Being the president of the debate club and taking 4 AP classes next year sounds good to most people. But there are certain things I don’t do that I should. Saturday was a real eye opener for me as I listened to a warning against feeling to good about yourself and where you are in life. So I have resolved to do better, harder things, and do better jobs at them. That was moment number one.

B) My sister Jessica
This is not really a moment but an ongoing thing. Throughout the conference I enjoyed, my little sister was there with me the whole time, and I am very excited that she and I can work on doing hard things together. I was washed over with a feeling of sisterly love and remembered her salvation, which I had privy to be a part of. That was moment/feeling number two.

C) My friend Hannah’s and my friend Kevin’s salvation
At the conference they had what I call a ‘revival moment’. Greg Harris, the twin’s dad, gave an incredibly compelling lecture on wolves in sheep’s clothing. (I’m really looking forward to listening to his sermon). After that we had a few questions, which revealed my own short comings, but I never expected any of the youth from my church to rise on the last question of who had just become a new Christian. When I saw my friend Hannah make her way to the front I was just awed. God is so powerful and good and I am so happy that I have a new little sister in Christ, especially since she switches to a public high school this coming year after a life of home schooling. We’ve been praying for her for a while and it was just so cool to see God do that. Like even more than cool, it was amazing in the fullest sense of the word. But, after that, on the way home from the conference in the car, my friend Emma told me that her brother Kevin had been reborn at that moment as well. Kevin is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet and I was so happy for him! So now he’s going to start the ball rolling to become a member of our church. And think, around a hundred fifty people were saved at this conference! Think of all the other stories like this that there must be, the other friends that are also rejoicing! HALLELUIA and AMEN! What else can one say when God works this way. That was moment number three.

Do Hard Things (again) Real Christianity(by William Wilberforce) Mere Christianity(by C.S. Lewis)The second and third books are some that I am challenging myself to read based on a challenge (to read great books) from the twins.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Birthday Girl

1) yesterday was my little sister's birthday. she turned nine years old. I think all the birthday fun stressed her out, but she enjoyed it all the same.

One of the presents I gave her was a toy cell phone. This will be the third she's had, the sixth or seventh in our household. They run out of batteries, get broken, get taken by younger or older siblings, get lost, etc. But overall there's always a set of play keys and a play cell phone for those who want to use them. At one point, I think we even had a toy ipod in our house! It's only fault was that it could only play the American Idol theme, and none of us watch American Idol.

The presents that I think she liked best were the scooter from my parents and the Barbie dolls from my Bestemor (That's norwegian for grandma).

I also witnessed a cute little scene yesterday. My youngest sister is just two years old, and came up to the birthday girl to ask if she could "please hold that one(Barbie)?". She got the Barbie and in return for the favor went over to my dad and said "we go get candles for nini." (nini is what she calls our sister.) Dad had alreasy been out and didn't really want to go pick up birthday candles, but went in order to appease little big eyes aka my two year old sister.

The Three Musketeers(again! trying to get through it!) The Thomas the Tank engine Collection (The Thomas stories are well worth reading, plus it's quality time with mio hermano.)

http://www.therebelution.com/ I get to go to thier conference saturday! lucky me!! yeah!

Vowel Poem:
yesterday I was reading my old compositions from about eight or nine years old. I was a very imaginative little girl, I wrote stories about turkeys and weddings and all sorts of crazy stuff. here's a poem about little me.

"Memory Lane"
A lways had a strong imagination
E veryone said I was such a charming kid
I never recognized how silly it was
O r was it?
U sually kids can't imagine

A nd now I know that
E ven though I was a goofball
I wouldn't have changed a thing
O nly I remember all these details
U sually those notes are lost

Yet I have them all.

A ll my old notebooks, for school, and my journals
E very last one is right there.
I maginative stories
O ld poems, Old songs.
U ntil I read them, I didn't realize the treasure

Yes, I remember now.

(nobody else would have as much fun with those books as I do.)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thinking Back...

1) Star is tall, has strawberry blond curly hair, and has a bubbly personality that goes along with it. Her actual personality is so different, because she's really rather shy. But to me, she's just Star, who carries wisdom and responsibility on her thin shoulders. GO STAR!

2) My sister, although she denies it, is a popularity queen. She's always going out, either to play at friend's houses or to goof off at the pool.

3) Meet Catilen! (I can't spell it, it's pronunced cayt-len)
Ten years old, short light brown hair, slightly curly at the end, wears little glasses and has a slightly high pitched voice. She was one of my bright little campers this past week at camp. She told several stories and was a very intelligent little girl. In Bible Ex, she always popped up with answers. She was quite a sweetie, she told lots of stories and knew lots of facts. I hope I helped teach her more, and she was a bright little bubble in my life, I only hope I returned the favor.

The Complete Works of Beatrix Potter, Seven Daughters and Seven Sons


I'm learning little lessons from AiO today.

Vowel Poem
A lways and forever,
E ven in my dreams,
I have memories
O h, such memories
U ntil I see them again
Y ou remain in my thoughts Wildflowers!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Virginia Dogwood, a Southern Belle

Ginny is a sweetheart. She's got a short brown cut that just brushes below her chin and a twang in her voice that labels her as a southern belle right away. She has the ability to bring out smiles, but also is not someone to mess with, since she doesn't tolerate stubborn people. Every morning Ginny would rise our campers in a gentle way, which was so helpful. She also took more showers than anyone else on staff! Yep, that's Ginny, a BMW with class.

The three Musketeers

Christy Thomas' photo blog...I like her pictures a lot and try to portray verbal snapshots just as well.

Vowel Poem
'A mazing Grace'
'E veryday'
'I love you Lord'
O h let that refrain fill my heart
'U ntil the day he comes'

Monday, July 14, 2008

Camp is what I love...

(Note: I will eventually talk about campers, but you have to meet the amazing staff first)
Today, you get to meet three very special sisters, Chryse, Bambee and Jabo. First physical descriptions and then why they're special. Chryse reaches about to my shoulder in height, has brown hair that has blond highlights (she pulls this off in a very pretty princessy effect). Currently she has very sunburned shoulders and is very sensitive to touch. Bambee has small hands, something I noticed this week, and a very distinctive face. Her face looks like it should be smiling and yet can scare me pretty badly when I've been misbehaving. She also has blonde streaks in her curly hair, but they have a different effect than Chryse's, because they frame her face when her hair is down and make two stripes running across her head when it's pulled up. (the way I normally see it). Jabo is just about my age, and looks very much like her sister Chryse, but with and fun twist and sparkle in her eye. Her hair is also curly and cascades down her back. I love Jabo's hair when it's wet and she's drying it out, because the sun shines on it and it flows with her.

These three beautiful sisters are more involved in camp than I am, and taught me how to do some very important things. For example, Jabo has an amusing imagination. For example, this week at camp we made pet rocks, and her's was a 'martian from the moon'. Don't ask me how that makes sense, but she explained it to me. Jabo's also working on an act with a zebra puppet, she's getting quite good at talking with out moving her lips. Anyways, she lightens me up with laughter and joy, and I was really sad when she had to leave camp because she was sick.
Bambee, on the other hand, keeps me from hurting myself and teaches me how to do things. This week I learned how to light a match, and built my first campfire ring fire all on my own, under the tutalage of Bambee. Even with the outdoorsy woman feel to her, Bambee is a real sweetheart, and I love her like crazy. (That's not to say she wasn't a little intimidating for a long time!) She has a certian control, through which I know that she's in charge but that she's also my friend. Hum, sounds kind of like Jesus. Bambee is a great mirror for Christ. Chryse is hard to talk about because I didn't see her much this week. She does all kinds of thingsa that I could never keep up with, but I always appreciate what she says at prayer meetings in the morning. To phrase it like my father would, Chryse's got her head on straight.

Reading: The three Musketeers

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

Oh my goodness there are so many snapshots I could give from camp! Actually, camp will probably be the snapshots for a week or so. So first... (drumroll please) Johnny and Tuca!
Meet two of our staff girls. They were the counsolors for seven lower? I'm pretty sure it was lower. anyway, they enjoy each others company way to much! They're silly, but I love them very very much. Johnny is a little taller than me, has short curly hair, throws axes and tomahawks for fun, knows more about reptiles than any other girl I've ever met, and is just general beautiful, inside and out. Tuca is approx. 4 inches taller than me and has shoulder legnth brown hair, wears bandanas and hats at camp, as well as glasses, likes to read fantasy and is also a good actress, no matter what she says. both have distinctive laughs and are generally using thier laughter to brighten my day. Both also have good shoulders to sleep on when one is tired.

Friday, July 4, 2008

away for a week

I don't really have time to post today, just a heads up that I'll be at camp for a week. comment on how much you miss my stimulating blog! lol, or write to me at camp (you have to basically mail your letter tomorrow)

lotus c/o
Camp Hemlock
General Delivery
Wardensville WV 26851

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yawn Yawn Yawn

So, after I get on my blog again and get a blog list, no one posts! LOL, the world is out to get me!

1) not a person today
Today my neighbor handed me a bag of goopy brown mess with all good intentions. The story is that it's "Amish friendship bread'. The idea is that everyone adds to the starter, bakes it with a favorite addition and then passes the started on to a friend, who will use that starter to make thier own bread, begin a new starter and pass it. (Is that gross or what?) anyways, so I have this goopy dough that I'm supposed to add flour to on certian days, then I squeeze it all out of the bag and bake it. The bread tastes OK, but the yuck dough doesn't seem to good. (It smells too, because it's got yeast or something in it.) Anyone want to take it?

The four story mistake, The pearl
The pearl is only 75 pages, I should be able to read it quickly right? WRONG! I get distracted alot.

did you know they give away free Wii jackets?!?

Vowel Poem
Camp Planning
(To understand this you have to realize I'm going to be a counsolor at Wildflowers next week)

A bunch of laundry
E ventually I'll need to pack
I am excited
O nly I have to prepare
U sually I don't do so well at that

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How life gets away from me!

busy busy busy. totally ignored this for a week or so. then, lo and behold, Ryan gets a blog, reminding me to update and check in on mine! sorry for the no post interval, it was unintentional. Hey, comments are welcome and encouraged!

1) Cousins Cousins Cousins!
Yes, I have more extended family! This week my Boston (actually Acton) cousins came to visit. there's Megan, Rachel, and Joe. Meg and Rachel both wear glasses and have a slightly intellectual feel to them because they both like to write, etc. Meg wears name brand clothes and looks rally cute in them cause she's skinny. Rachel has a tendancy to be sarcastic, but is still fun. Joe has gotten rather stocky and has his own email address even though he's only eight! They recently got a dog, as did our mutual cousin Noah, so I have been forced to put my dislike of dogs aside. No, I haven't gotten a love for them, just a tolerance. Bella and Zouko(not sure if that's spelled right), are two very differnt dogs. Z is an American Akita, purebreed, and HUGE, but very very calm around people. Bella is small, black, a mix of a black lab and a beagle, and very jumpy aroud people. so that has been the last couple of days with out posts.

Navs started again last week. Tomorrow the team leaves for Camaroon. The rest of the summer we get to hang out with the summer interns, we have 3. Nathan (who doesn't really count since we all know him already), Jessi (with an e?) and Janna. (possibly Jenna, I'm a terrible speller). Anyway, all three of them are very cool. Nathan is tall and male, the exact opposite of Jessi, who's petie and female. Janna is kind of in between, I like her, being tall and female. She has a really nice tan too. (random side note)

Reading: The Professor's House, Me and my little brain, Looking for Alaska
(The Professor's House) this Willa Cather is kind of confuusing since there seems to be no real plot to it, so I'm looking into it.
(Me and my little brain) I have a tendancy to re-read short funny little books like this one. Other good anecdotes include Homer Price and Henry Reed Inc.

Surfing: http://www.mylifevsme.blogspot.com/
the afore metioned Blog. I should probably start using that new blog list!

Vowel Poem:
Camaroon Team

All are excited, that's obvious
Everyone's packing today
I wish them well, and will miss them
Oh, and pray for the teens (the ones going and the ones who live there)
Usually great things happen on mission trips
Yeah, God will do it on this one too.