Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School School and more School

so yesterday a really great thought for the blog flitted into my head...unfortunatly this thought happened at ten PM when i was going to bed, and I didn't write it down so I forgot it. If I remeber I will alert you.

And now, since it's the final day of the first week of school: the school post!!! duh duh duh.
Sorry for all this sillyness, but since school started life has been a little less interesting.
I have fairly good teachers, and my math teacher is fun and energetic, which always helps. Everyone keeps telling me that Sierra(my sis) and I look a lot alike. And so on and so on. And I'm starting to realize how much harder it's going to be to continue to 'do hard things' when life is the same day after day after day.

But yesterday was our first debate club meeting. And it was fun being a smart political student for a while. However, what am I going to do with all this information? Unless it goes somewhere, what's the point?

And about the political thing. It's very easy to look down on Senator Obama, for me at least. But it's important to not slander him. both canidates claim christianity, yet we hear them putting each other down constantly. Let's remember to keep courtosy in our politics. A friend of mine has opposing political views, but we're still wonderful friends. It's a hard thing to do, but we need to do it.

Quote: N/A cause I'm in school.

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