Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

In observance of New Year’s Eve, realizing it is the last possible day I can post for 2008, I thought I’d share some of my end of the year thoughts with you.

From Christmas:
Quite possibly, my favorite day of school is the day right before winter break. Everyone is in a good mood, everyone is nice to each other, there’s all that holiday love floating around. It’s great. Then, the next day, my cousins showed up, which was, of course, amazing as always. I <3 them.

From the New Year:
Reflecting on what I did this year (ten countdown in no particular order)
~ took my first AP test
~ became a Rebelutionary
~ got an ipod nano
~ got an award for debate
~ started a blog ;-)
~ moved out of my sister Sierra’s room to my own
(first time since she’s been born that I haven’t roomed with her!)
~became an upperclassman
~ took my first SAT
~ took my last PSAT
~ got my learner’s permit

5 Things I didn’t do this year
~ visit my grandma’s grave (I haven’t been there since we buried her)
~ get my license
~ look for colleges
~ write a novel (I tried for NaNoWriMo, but failed miserably)
~ get an A in math

5 things I want to do in the new year (there are actually 15, but I’ve only got time for 5)
~ Score better on AP tests
~ go to Portland to visit my uncle
~ learn to play the guitar
~ dress better (like, more fashionably)
~ Read thru the bible and pray consistently

I hope you had a wonderful, full year. I pray you have a safe and happy upcoming year.
Quote: (I am sadly behind on these, I’ll try to start up again!)
“Glory be to God on high, let peace on earth descend.
God comes down before our eyes, to Bethlehem”~ Bob Kauflin

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