Monday, September 28, 2009

Numbers 13

This past weekend I went on a retreat where we talked about the first step in investigating(studying) the bible - Observation. As one of our practical exercises I got to write a paraphrase of Numbers 13 in modern day. I had so much fun with it that I want to share it with you all. The setting is a news broadcast, possibly NBC, I'm not sure. Enjoy!

Newscaster: There has been much debate over the past week about the YouTube videos posted by our undercover soldiers. TO help clear up some of the confusion, the President has agreed to a live press conference. taking you there now...

President (Moses): Our nation has come to a great turning point in the war. As you all know, a month ago I sent soldiers, one from every state, to spy out the area when terrorists are known to camp, to see if we could take over their major planning base. I also asked what kind of oil they could find there, telling them to send a sample home to be tested for productivity in science labs here. they returned and shared their news with Congress, but in had not yet been announced to the public - we had planned a disclosure for the next week. However, the soldiers published their findings on YouTube. I will now personally answer any questions about their video, their findings and my plans.

Reporter: Is it true that you plan to test oil from there?

P(M): The test have already shown a plentiful amount, there's much that can be gained from drilling in that area.

Reporter 2: What is your response to the political cartoonists who are comparing you to Communist governments? Or those who are saying we should go back to our former president?

P(M): I believe the cartoonists are making hasty assumptions, but I would like to apologize for my behavior and for that of the soldiers.

Reporter 3: Is it true that there were some spies who saw giants?

P(M): Everything in that video - the evil terrorists, the giants, the returning Nazis - is greatly overdone, but is in agreement with the official report. However, before you make any conclusions, let me introduce two important men, I greatly admire these representatives for speaking their minds, perhaps you've seen their facebook notes about the spy (espionage) mission. It is with great pleasure I introduce you to the two soldiers who believe we can take the camp, Lt. Caleb and St. Joshua.

C&J: It is our belief that we can conqueror the terrorists. Although the men there are mighty and have weapons, we will be given the power to defeat them. With God on our side, we will strike them down. We are not taking any questions at this time, thank you.

Newscaster: Well, those videos surely have brought about a lot of unrest in the nation. Politicians are unsure how to respond - tomorrow Congress is meeting to disscuss. Thank you and goodnight.

Well, that was it! Go back and read Numbers 13, compare, and then tell me what you thought!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday - sort of

Although I am not a mom, I loved reading Ms. Laurel's tiny talks so much that today I am going to post my own, but with a slightly different spin.

My three year old sister went to the dentist yesterday and camp back with a bag full of little prizes, and she showed them all to me as soon as I got home from school. She kept saying "Wait, there's one more thing! Come back!!". One of the things she showed me was a tiny adjustable cotton bracelet - excatly like the one I had recieved at the dentist when I was a kid (different dentist, FYI).

That bracelet triggered a memory for me. When I was a kid, my next sister and I always wnet to the dentist on the same day, and got the same prizes. On the day we got those bracelets, my little sister had gotten a pretty blue one, and I got an orange and black one, which reminded me of Halloween, which terrified me when I was little. Anyways, I was really mad that I'd gotten an ugly one.

Most of my childhood memories are like that - bad things that happen to you have a greater impact on your mind. For example, there was the time my aunt yelled at me for being loud. then there was the time i got lost at the store. and the time i got lost at the zoo. the time I broke one of my grandma's figurines, and the list goes on. It's sort of sad that the majority of my memories are bad. not all of my memories are bad, but bad stuff sticks more in the mind of a kid. How about you? any fun stories?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My College Visit

So, everyone asked - How was my visit? Here's the highlights:
~ Introduction in the Bomberger Auditorium - 2nd largest organ in the state - pretty cool.
~ Class in Phaler(SP?) Hall - Data Structures: good class, I followed all the logic, but it was in C++, so I didn't do the language
~ Interview - They were doing 75 interviews that day!! So I think I was just one of the crowd...
~ Tour - well, that was...OK. It was rainy so the campus didn't look good
~ Lunch - that was also...OK. The food wasn't really anything special - but that's true of most schools

After Lunch there was another info session, but my dad ands I skipped it to explor the town a little and look at the Myrin Library. After that my dad had set up for us to meet the InterVarsity lady, and she had brought two Juniors with her - They were pretty neat.

That's really it. bye!

Friday, September 4, 2009

101 great things about glasses

1. you can see colors much clearer
2. you can see fine details
3. you can see without squinting
4. you actually know what time it is because you can see the clock
5. you can drive!!
6. you don't have to sit in the front at school.
7. you get the chance to remember how easy it is to lose things
8. you can play solitare on your ipod again
9. you can watch TV on the sofa instead of the floor
10. you can text without holding the phone up to your nose
101. you get to touch your nose and shove them up every ten seconds

See how I cleverly fooled you? 101 is actually 11? OK, so it's not that funny, but I really enjoy having new glasses and wanted a lighter blog post.