Friday, January 22, 2010

Recipe for disaster

So, as requested I am going to attempt to write another witty, funny post. But that kind of thought doesn't just drop on the ground, you have to wait for it to come (sort of like what Pamela Travers said about Mary Poppins "I didn't think her up, she came knocking".) However, I hope this suffices!

Recipe for boredom buster
1 sleepy student
45 multiple choice questions
1 watchful teacher
2/3 of a handwritten written essay
about a teaspoon of eraser shavings
1. Take sleepy student and mix with multiple choice questions on a large desk.
2. Place watchful teacher far away from sleepy student.
3. pour eraser shavings in to sleepy student's hand and allow to sit for about ten seconds.
4. Watch as sleepy student quietly rises.
5. using sleepy student, sprinkle eraser shavings on neighboring student.
7. neighboring student responds.
6. quickly turn watchful teacher towards sleepy student.
7. add 2/3 of handwritten essay to sleepy student to create a busy look.
8. Repeat, but watch out in case sleepy student is caught & given a zero on their midterm exam.
You have just succeeded in creating a boredom buster - gaurenteed to entiertain all students in a class for hours. However, be warned - if you use this recipe to often, you could get a disaster (zero on exam, denention, etc.) use with caution.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Senior-itis Tips

Tip #1:
offer to vaccum for your mom. It's a relativly easy chore, just pushing a machine around, and it gets you out of doing any studying.
Tip #2:
Read an interesting book with a smart looking cover and claim it's for your english class
Tip #3:
Go to you room, shut the door, and clean. Generally saying "I'm cleaning my room" sends other more annoying people away (and you don't actually have to make it look any different, just say that you tried)
Tip #4:
Only go on facebook in 5 minute increments. If you're not seen staring at the computer for long periods of time, it is less likely you'll get told to go study.
Play with a younger sibling (assuming you have one). It's family bonding time - time that's not spent in front of a text book.
Tip #6:
Run a load of your own laundry. If you don't already know how, hey, you need to learn someday, and if you already do it yourself, it's another chore you're doing that mom doesn't have to remind you about! Sitting next to the dryer is a warm place to read!
Tip #7:
carry old test papers around with you. When asked if your studying, wave them vaugly and walk away.
Tip #8:
While sitting at the computer, have a scholarship search window open so you can claim to be looking for college money.
Tip #9:
Show your parents a review sheet that you already made. If you look prepared, you don't have to study any more.
Tip #10:
Read this list and come up with your own creative ideas.

OK, so enjoy that tidbit, it's not often I say things like this. I am quickly losing my motivation to study for physics and therefore am entertaining myself accordingly by making up tips.

Which is better - motivational blog posts or funny ones or journal style ones? Vote, and whichever type has the most votes is the type I'll write tomorrow. If no one has voted...well, I don't know what I'll do then. But I except other seniors will vote for me. d^_^b

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saying "I love you"

Just a thought:
How much does it COUNT when you say "I love you"?
Everytime you say it, you're sincere, sure, but do you say it so much that it becomes flippant?
I don't say that I love people. I do, and I tell them how they're important to me with examples and details and handwritten notes (I'm a words of affirmation person) but it's sort of rare that I actually say "I love you". So when I do, you know I mean it.

But there are the people who are more verbally loving than I, more outgoing, etc. They say "I love you" a lot. That doesn't make them any less sincere, they're just more open about it. They don't value words the same way I do, but that doesn't make their "I love you"s cheap, it means they're friendly.

So who is right? Should you hold your "I love you"s close, or give them freely in friendship?

Not sure that I know the answer - I'd love to hear what you are, what you think, and how you tell someone you love them. I'll see if I can post more about this (one of my new year's resolutions - Blog more often, make an effort to share thoughts)