Thursday, January 14, 2010

Saying "I love you"

Just a thought:
How much does it COUNT when you say "I love you"?
Everytime you say it, you're sincere, sure, but do you say it so much that it becomes flippant?
I don't say that I love people. I do, and I tell them how they're important to me with examples and details and handwritten notes (I'm a words of affirmation person) but it's sort of rare that I actually say "I love you". So when I do, you know I mean it.

But there are the people who are more verbally loving than I, more outgoing, etc. They say "I love you" a lot. That doesn't make them any less sincere, they're just more open about it. They don't value words the same way I do, but that doesn't make their "I love you"s cheap, it means they're friendly.

So who is right? Should you hold your "I love you"s close, or give them freely in friendship?

Not sure that I know the answer - I'd love to hear what you are, what you think, and how you tell someone you love them. I'll see if I can post more about this (one of my new year's resolutions - Blog more often, make an effort to share thoughts)

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