Friday, February 26, 2010

Film (and Forgive me) Friday

So, to my oh-so-faithful-readers (also known as my bestest friends who creep on me), my sincere apologies for breaking my daily blogging discipline - I took an impromptu day off from the internet yesterday because I had a splitting headache and took a nap to feel better rather than making myself feel worse by looking at a LCD screen. Plus, in my tired state of mind, I had no good things to say on "Thoughtful Thursday".

OK. so much for the "Forgive me" part of Friday - now for the film. Today's comes from a fellow blogger and the father of two of the sweetest little girls in existence. I really encourage you to check out his blog,

If you do that you will find my video of the week. I found it really easy to understand and extremely eye-opening to what SMA means for kids.

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