Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

So, I honestly didn't really think about it being Valentine's Day yesterday until I logged into Facebook, and then I saw a lot of comments by various friends of mine about how they were, esentially, 'dealing with it', or how they thought Valentine's Day was just a 'commercialized day invented by coorperations attempting to steal money' or people calling it 'single's awareness day' etc.

So I googled Valentine's Day and St. Valentine to get some information (and there was a cool adventures in Odyssey episode about it - can get you to that if you're interested)

Anyways, St. Valentine is sort of a mystery, but what is known about him is that he helped couples secretly get married during a time that the Roman Empire was making marriages difficult and was martyred for refusing to renounce his faith. Pretty awsome dude. There's also a story about him and his jailor's daughter and how he restored her sight through faith, and how they were in love, which is why it's a love holiday, but that is even more hazy than the other stuff known about him.

Then, yesterday night I was watching NBC with the pairs figure skating, and no one could find a cuter love story than Shen and Zhou, the Chinese figure skaters who are trying for gold in the pairs skating competition. Google that - I promise you won't be disappointed.

Don't bemoan about how you're single, or berate the coorperations, or behave in a manner that will ruin the day for others - Valentine's Day is not designed to hurt singles anymore than the 4th of July is designed to hurt non-US citizens.

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Lotus said...

Shen and Zhao (spelt it wrong)