Monday, March 1, 2010

Moniker Monday

So - I had a post for Scripture Saturday, but my blog oddly malfunctioned and you will just have to wait until next Saturday for it.

Moniker Monday - I have been reading a lot of things on Facebook from Urban Dictionary, and out of curiosity looked some names - this is what it came up with, funny and sweet (the definitions I chose, not the top).

1.) An Emily is a female with big aspirations in life. She's likely to go far.
Emilys don't care what others think. However, they care about themselves. They don't dress up for OTHERS, they dress up because they WANT to look good. Emilys are very open and gentle. These girls are creative to the max and tend to have artistic abilities. Emilys are fantastic friends and are absolutely adorable. If you find an Emily, hold onto her. She's a keeper.

2.)An Emily, is one who rides unicorns. All Emily's have the magic talent to ride a unicorn anywhere they want. Normally the unicorn is pink, but sometimes can be other colors, like dark pink. If you see an Emily, make sure you bring up the topic about unicorns, and watch as she she goes on and on about them. Unicorns are very special to Emily's and it's easy to know what to get an Emily for her birthday!

3.)A being of mystical proportion. She is quite possibly the greatest karaoke singer of all time, though she hides these talents behind her ninja mask. It is said that her stubborn demeanor has caused many to simply give up in trying to defeat her. She is the only known being to be capable of smiling and then doing an impression of a smile, whilst smiling.

1.) A popular british sports car manufacturer founded by Colin Chapman with the ambition to build the best sportscars in the world using his philosphy of performance through lightweight. The current line of cars are the elise and the exige including many other version of these including the exige cup 240. They all hav a fibreglass body. Despite their low horsepower (189 in the exige) they are comparable in speed with cars twice as expensive including various Porches and BMW's.

2.)A flower that represents purity,
beauty, strength, and divine nature in Buddhist culture. Specific meanings depend on the color of the petals, and whether the bud is closed or blooming.

3.)In Pokemon, A highly defensively-oriented stat booster who walls on one side by boosting its attacking and defensive stats in its walling side and healing off damage, then sweeps when it gets to max boosts. Lotuses use the moves Curse or Calm Mind as their boost moves

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