Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So, for a long, long time I have had a love/hate relationship with musicals. I really enjoy the productions, but I also find theatre people to be very clique-like.

First of all, that way of thinking is very self centered. (I enjoy them, I find theatre people clique-y)

Second, I learned that theatre people don't mean to be clique-y, they just spend a LOT of time together. like, way more than is probably necessary.

Third, today I painted sets for the Howard musical, and I am going to do one of the things that I have always seen as annoying - shamelessly advertise.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, starting at seven PM, Howard High School, Once Upon a Mattress. Come see 'my' set, and watch some of my friends perform. From the costumes I saw today (and the set I'm painting) it will be a really pretty, colorful, exciting show.

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