Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

So. It is Thursday, my day for being thoughtful. I started my Internet time for this afternoon with NO good thoughtful things in my head. I went to my blog's sidebar for inspiration for good, deep, thoughtful posts. Bad Idea. My search led my to some great stuff(my favorites being patrianoceu's* little princess post, Caleb's** thoughts on C.S. Lewis, Josh Harris's blurb about Gina Welch, and John Grogan's*** article "Bringing home Marley").

Anyways, after I had read those post I felt LESS inspired, not MORE inspired. I felt like, these people have so much more interesting thoughts than I do, they actually have faithful blog readers who are NOT just their friends, and generally take more time and consideration in their writing than I do.

So, to remind me, and to let you know if you don't already, the reasons I am still blogging even though I do not have a huge following or even very interesting things to say:
~keeps my writing in practice
~keeps me disciplined (when I remember to blog, I also remember to do other things that I try to do daily)
~it's relaxing.
~it gives me a place to say things that I'm thinking about.

Of course, now that I've been writing a post about how I have no ideas, I have lots of ideas! so I'll write them down and hopefully keep my juices flowing for my thoughtful thursdays!

*to encourage thoughtful ways (she's renamed it, I need to rename it on my blog, now it's "a thousand words")
**my married-into-the-role cousin (grace notes)
***HIGHLY recommend reading both his books. He's a very considerate man - took time to email me back with some writing tips when I asked him, encouraged me to keep this blog running!

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~ megan said...

keep the blog up for sure! I like reading it when ever I get the chance and I think you have some really interesting post ^_^