Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well-Read Wednsday

"Someday, Angeline..."

This line, repeated oh so often in the children's novel, Someday Angeline by Louis Sacher, is the definition of the relationship between Angeline and her father. Startled by his daughter's almost supper natural intelligence, Angeline's dad constantly feels that it will be impossible to live up to his daughter. Because of this, he hardly ever speaks to her, and their relationship suffers. Angeline, an intelligent but lonely eight year old, has only one dream in life - to be just like her dad. This admiration goes all the way to the point where she volunteers to be her classrooms "Secretary of Trash" so that she can collect garbage, just like her father does. One day, this rocky relationship changes when Angeline meets Gary Boone (Goon) and his teacher, Miss. Turbone (called Mr. Bone accidentally). As Angeline loses her loneliness, she branches out to turn "Someday" into "Today". Tihs novel has an excellent handle on childhood emotions and leads to some interesting ideas about human nature, but at the same time is written in a simple, easy to read language.

(That was very much the style of a book review - my apologies if it does not seem all that interesting, I was trying to write like an official book reviewer. What do you think? did I succeed in the style? In my real voice, Someday Angeline was a really cute book that was a fun read for half an hour-ish.)

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