Monday, April 26, 2010

Class of Twenty-Ten (for your amusement)

It seems to me that people who are not part of the class of "twenty-ten" have some problems figuring out what to call us. Here's an easy guide to what we're NOT, and then you'll clearly see why we are "twenty-ten-ers".

Things we are not:
1. "class of oh-ten"
because eventually it will be 2020, and NO one would say "oh twenty". In fact, the juniors don't even say "oh-eleven", they say "one-one" (but don't call us the class of "one-oh" either!! That only worked for the oh-number classes...)

2. "class of two thousand and ten"
*yawn* far too long, too likely to write an extra zero...and people didn't say "nineteen hundred and ten" they said "nineteen-ten"

3. "class of Two Thousand Ten"
this is better than the previous one, but, think about 1999. Were they the class of "nineteen thousand, nine hundred and nine"? No. In general, saying the "two thousand" bit is just so...last year. Literally. ;)

More Reasons we are the class of "twenty-ten"

1. Alliteration is AWESOME and totally our thing (Flannel Fridays, anyone?!?)

2. being the class of "twenty-ten" highlights the fact that we've lived in THREE decades, 2 centuries and 2 millenia. Regardless of what those 1989 kids say.

3. being the class of "twenty-ten" shows that, inspite of senior-itis, we are still capable of counting by tens, backwards.

So, as a PROUD "twenty-ten-er", I hope this cleared up your confusion, if you happen to be one of the sad members of the "twenty eleven" class, or of the "oh-nine" class, or of any other not as awesome year. ;-)

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