Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh Canada...

In case you didn't know, yours truly is currently in Toronto for an engineering convention. Here's some fun notes about Canada to keep you all updated on my trip:

~ The bathrooms are "wash rooms" NOT "rest rooms" (when we asked for the rest room our poor tour guide was very confused)

~ EVERYTHING is bilingual. Example: one side of the water bottle is in English, turn it around and you see the exact same thing in French. I wonder if the US is headed there with Spanish and English?

~ You are NOT an "American", you are "from the States". I'm only starting to realize how snobby we must sound by implying we are the ONLY americans on north america.

~ There's a lot of british spelling. Ex: I'm staying in the Sheraton "Centre" and not the Sheraton "Center".

~DO NOT JAYWALK. unlike the US, the crosswalks are fast in responding, and there are monorail cars that CANNOT stop if you jaywalk. (fortunatly, none of us have experienced this, we were just told by our tour guide)

~ Toronto is home to the 2nd tallest building and the longest street in the world, according to Guiness Book of World Records.

~ Today I got told I had a Baltimore accent by a Canadian. I found it hilarious because I really don't, my chaperone does and I've just been picking some of it up from her.

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~ megan said...

One of my friends at TMC is from Canada and in Rome she would be surprised when we couldn't guess what random Italian words meant (espically on food and juices and stuff) because it seemed really easy to her, then she figured out it was because she knows the French words for almost all the things she grew up seeing bi-lingual labels on. Then we we flet like silly Americans . . . or rather silly people from the states ^_^