Friday, April 30, 2010

The Pursuit of Knowledge

Yesterday I went to the library (which is AWESOME). So, anyways, I was looking for books on Queen Victoria to do some reading up on her after having seen the young Victoria from Redbox. I went to the library and found the Dewey number that referenced Queen Victoria. There were TONS of books about English history, and I realized just how much I haven't learned, how much stuf there is in the world to research. Last year I did a project on William Willberforce for World History and I realized just how many legislations that man influenced in Parliament.

Well, back to my story. I picked out a book from the Victorian history section and went to get some books for my younger siblings from the kids section, feeling woefully unread. But, in the kids section, I was looking through the Berinstein Bear books and I had read almost EVERY single one as a kid. I remembered the different plots and thought about the different life lessons I learned from the books. In fact, most of the books I looked at in the kids section I remembered reading.

This thought has been a recurring feeling. This year I've been learning how to study the Bible from two Bible college graduates. The more they teach, the more I lean, but also, the more I realize I don't know. I've taken 27 classes at the end of this year, but there's SO many I didn't take that would have been SO much fun and interesting.

The more I learn, the stronger my desire to learn more. I will ALWAYS be in the Pursuit of Knowledge. (and, having "recently" read The pursuit of holiness, maybe I need to consider how I can be honoring ald glorifying God in this pursuit!)

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