Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forty Days - Updated

Hi There!
About halfway through my forty day fast from online media! 18 days to go, which gets me right up to Dec. 17th (which is my last final exam for my first semester of college).

Reasons I started this fast and how it's going:
1. Bejewled - I don't miss online gaming at all. For the first couple of days, I'd automatically go for the "Bejeweled" button on Facebook, but I trained myself out of that quickly. I think I may have even deleted the application, as it no longer displays on my homepage and I clicked the remove X, but I'm not sure.

2. Netflix - don't miss it. I still watch movies with friends on the weekends, so it's not like I've gone high and dry from cinema, I just don't watch it by myself on the "Watch Instantly" anymore.

3. Hulu - It's been REALLY hard for me to go without Hulu because that means I don't get to watch 30 Rock.

That was what I was fasting from. However, I discovered PhD comics during my fast and read through an entire 10+ years worth of online comics. I feel like that was cheating. I didn't break the rules of my fast, because that was no games or TV via the internet, but I defeated the purpose of trying to get me to be on the internet less. However, I am benefiting from my withdrawal from movies and games and I have been staying on top of homework and studying much better than before the fast. It hasn't been a total loss.

And there are still 18 more days of fasting - just enough time for final exams to whirl past.

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