Thursday, April 7, 2011

Newspapers - Can we share them?

As I mentioned yesterday, my school graciously provides free newspapers (the New York Times, the Baltimore Sun, and USA Today. Each one comes with at least two subsections. I tend to pick up the New York Times for news, the Baltimore Sun for sports (I love my Orioles' news), and USA today for arts/entertainment.

Each paper also runs special sections on special days. For example, today the New York Times has the extra home section and the extra styles section. The Baltimore Sun is running it's Thursday only Health section. Yesterday, NYT ran a dining section that was absolutely FASCINATING (good article on Harry and David, you can read it here:

But those are the sections I read yesterday/plan on reading today. If you take the sections that I do read from all three papers out, you're still left with a large stack of newsprint that I hardly touched, except to pull them away from my sections. These sections (NYT Buisness Day daily section, NYT sports section, USA today's news section, etc) are still perfectly good sections of the paper. And I'll be the first to admit that I'm probably the one losing by simply throwing them out, but I just don't have time to read them (I read the other sections of the paper while I'm walking too and from class and there's only so much walking one woman does in a day!)

So, my 'super-duper-uper-shmoper big idea' for today is a section recycle. Pull the paper apart not in the comfort of your dorm room, but right there at the stand. Then, neatly refold the sections you didn't want and place them in the section recycle location. Other people can then look through your recycled sections to only pick out the sections that THEY want to read. What do you think - can we share the sections of our newspapers?

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