Friday, April 8, 2011

Newspapers cont'd

In the same vein as yesterday's BEDA post, when thinking about newspapers, is there a value in saving certain articles?
I have a tendency to clip out and save articles that I really liked from newspapers and magazines. Now that I have free access to three different papers and a subscription to a magazine, the stack of articles I've saved has gotten pretty large. Which of them should I save? They come from all different sections of the paper - some are cooking or health tips that will never get old, some are articles about the Orioles that are very time sensitive, some are news articles about things that will someday possibly be true (scientific speculation). Then there's the comics that everyone seems to save.

I remember when I first read "The Peterkin Papers" and I read about how Elizabeth Eliza kept a common place book ( I think that's where my idea of saving newspaper articles came from - keeping track of the little common bits of knowledge. Now I just need a book to paste them into!

(just barely made BEDA today)

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