Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One short day in the Emerald City...

I've been listening to the soundtrack for "Wicked" as I study. Some of the lyrics are really striking, can I just say. Anyways, the song that caught my attention the most was "One Short Day". It's all about the Emerald City. So  I started to think about cities. In the Emerald City, I imagine the touristy place to be was the Wizard's palace, just like the touristy place in Baltimore is the Inner Harbor. However, Baltimore has homeless, and it's crowded, and all the other stigmas of a city. Did the Emerald City have those as well? Was the traffic in the Emerald City terrible around Rush Hour? Are there suburbs to the Emerald City? (maybe the peridot suburbs? just kidding.)

The Emerald City has always been one of my personal favorite fantasy ideas (my birthstone is emerald). But, like all other dreams, the Emerald City, without the green lenses, is just a simple city, filled with the flaws and imperfections that all cities have.

PS - if you've only ever seen Judy Garland or Idina Menzel's view of OZ, I highly recommend reading all 14 of Baum's novels. They're mildly entertaining, and the country is much larger than you might imagine.

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