Saturday, April 16, 2011


Have you ever noticed how you reflect the people you're with? I have. There are two friends in particular that I am thinking of. One is a senior history major with bright red hair, who speaks unusually fast. So when I'm with her, I have a tendency to talk really really fast. Another is a photography major with the best facial expressions and most adorable tendency towards laughter in all situations. When I'm with these two girls, I start talking like them, laughing like them, being them. My own thoughts and person stay the same underneath, but I change my style of talking to match the speed or style of the person I'm talking with.


Alec said...

That's a great observation and it's very true.

//megan said...

speedy-talking-smile :)

Lotus said...

haha yes you are the speedy talker, dearest berry.