Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some things you only get in College

OK, really short post here, but I absolutely love how today worked out. Even though the power was out, students all over campus got together and hung out - be it frisbee games, card games, or dorm worship services, everywhere on campus was a huge feeling of community. And that would never have happened in my little suburban neighborhood. Which makes me really sad, but also lets me realize the totally awesome opportunities as a 'young person'. =)


Lotus said...

PS - the power is back now.

Kati patrianoceu said...

Hey, girl! How's it going? A Sunday without power actually sounds like a lot of fun :) I'm in Northern VA right now; we had power, but lots of trees fallen which were fun to explore. It's terrible how much fun we can get out of a natural disaster!

Anyway, sorry I don't actively comment on your blog, but I do faithfully lurk and it's been fun to read your journeys.

I'm finally commenting because I was wondering if you want to participate on a project. I'm starting a new blog that's going to focus on intertwining of cultures: CultureTwined!

You can find it at

I'm looking for stories that I can include of cross-cultural encounter. A little snippet of meeting someone different, or something you learned from a random encounter. Or anything else that you might like to share. You could send something you've already written or something new.

Would you have time to send me something? I'd love it if you participate. Even multiple stories if you want - I'll always give you credit and link back, of course...

If you have my normal email address you can write me there, but here's my new email for the blog; please do write me:


Lotus said...

Sure, I'd love to participate. :D
And it's nice to know someone is actually reading my thoughts, although I am somewhat ashamed of the quality of my writing on this blog.

Kati patrianoceu said...

Yay! So, here's the plan... The blog goes live on 1 September. There's no strict structure to it. What I'm looking for is a little anecdote about some interesting inter-cultural encounter you've had, or something you've learned from someone who is different from you. Or a recipe or a song. or anything. I'll translate it to portuguese b/c it's bilingual.

So email it to me at

Also tell me (a) what name you want me to refer to you by, (b) url to link back to, and (c) any bio you want included

And I'll post it!

I'm just now learning how to do this... we'll see how it goes. Can't wait!