Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All the thoughts for December

Dear blog-o-sphere -
December has been a crazy month, and I have a long list of things that I had wished to blog about but have not written. They may or may not be interesting, or useful, or anything, but I have the time now to put them down and put them out there. They could have all been full posts, but instead I'll make them short bits.

1. When did playing at being a grownup become reality? When I was a little girl, I'd play at packing all of my stuff up into my dollhouse (which had a lock and handle) and carry it around the house. Now I'm in college and I actually do pack all my stuff into a suitcase, to go home for the holidays. But even closer to now then when I played with my doll house, a few weeks ago I was on a student panel for high school students potentially interested in my school, and I was shocked to realize that I was the student sharing my experiences, and that I was sharing similar thoughts to those that had been shared with me. When did I get out of high school and get so comfortable with UMBC?

2. Remember when you used to gain knowledge by planning to read EVERY book in the library? Now I feel like you get knowledge by going online. I recently discovered TED talks online, and I was amazed by the content. Then there's minutephysics on YouTube - he just posted an hour long lecture he gave ALL about how to do YouTube education. It was really interesting. I'd recommend watching it. Here:

3. While we're talking about what's available online, let's talk about things that should not be online. Facebook PDA. I'm willing to handle somethings, like profile pictures together, but I think the flirty wall-to-walls are making something that should be private public. Just my thoughts. Also the "Oh I miss him/her" status posts.

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