Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TRW Google+ article

Hello Blog-o-sphere!
I realized partway through the month of January that I hadn't posted anything that month, and decided to take January off from my blog. However, I'm back now, and it looks like I'll be having things to post pretty frequently, since, drumroll please......
I am now a 'journalist' (of sorts). I'm writing for the Technology section of the school newspaper (The Retriever Weekly), so whenever I roll out an article for them I'll be sure to link it here for you all to read.

That being said, here's my first TRW article: (I'm the google+ article on pages 8 and 10)

please comment with criticisms and suggestions for future TRW tech articles.
Also, I will still use the blog for other, non-techy thoughts, so my non-techy friends need not worry.
I'm super excited for the way my writing has been taking off, both through my posts on CultureTwined and in TRW, but I am also scared, as publishing my writing elsewhere forces me to face the faults of my own ramblings.

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