Monday, August 6, 2012

House Keeping

While my sisters are away, my mom's been capitalizing on the slightly less populated household to clean. We rearranged a lot of our furniture and sorted through all of the...well, the junk that home school families seem to generate saving up for the home school review board. Total clean out: full recycle can after one night's work and six bags of trash at the curb this morning from the weekend's efforts. Of course, it also revealed some fun treasures, like a photo of my sister at age 8 reading out loud to my other sisters (at ages 6 and 4) from 2001. In addition to all this cleaning, we've been buying a few things to stock my new apartment. Looking forward to setting up my own housekeeping :)
Just keeping you all posted - we should be back to semi-regularly scheduled blogging one school kicks up - just now I am busy ending some things and beginning others.

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