Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Developing Mobile Apps, Blackjack Algorithms, and Baltimore Emotions

One semi-traditional blog post that I have written is the report on the courses that I'm taking and why I'm taking them. Since I get to pick my own courses (for the most part - I do have to fulfill requirements for graduation, after all) I'm always pretty excited about the content. So, without further ado, here are my courses:

First up is Introduction to Mobile Computing. Guys, I was really nervous about this one. Principles of Operating Systems is a pre-requesite, and I did not enjoy OS at all. But I needed at 600-level course, so I showed up the first day with trepidation, prepared to drop it if things were bad. However, I was nicely surprised. The lectures are all demo-based, rather than theoretical, which is excellent news. The assignments are all partner based, which is also great news. I'm partnered with a friend of mine so it promises to be fun, and I'll get app development experience out of it which is great.

Second is Introduction to Machine Learning with my favorite professor ever. The topic is really interesting. Our final project for that course is to apply Machine Learning to an interesting problem, and what I want to do is create a computer that can beat Blackjack (like the book/movie 21). So I'm researching the rules, etc.

Third, Race Gender and Poverty in Baltimore. This is my honors seminar, and it's really interesting. I'm taking it with the professor who taught me GWST 100 and the current assistant director of my school's honors college. I'm enjoying that it's interdisciplinary, and we get to volunteer with a non-profit which will be fun.

Fourth, Computer Architecture. Super boring, but required for the major. It doesn't seem that bad though, just not interesting.

Finally, Gender and Women Studies 352 - Women in Technology (or something like that. In my mind, it's just GWST). Required for CWIT, should be interesting so far I've enjoyed the readings.

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