Monday, November 4, 2013

BLOGWriMo - Failing at blogging

So. Today is the fourth. And that means I didn't blog yesterday. So I missed the goal of writing on my blog everyday this month. Which...I don't know, might mean I don't even try to keep going? I'm much less motivated now. I did write yesterday, but I wrote two articles for The Retriever Weekly, not blog-worthy stuff (it was 1000+ words though!). So maybe I won't discount myself just yet. We'll see. Maybe I just use blogging as an excuse to not do homework?

Now, what homework might I be avoiding? Well, we have a project in Network Security that is rather vague. I understand the purpose of the vagueness is to get us to explore, experiment, and ultimately learn, I think it's tough that this exploration has to occur in an out-of-class assignment. I'd much rather the exploration be in a lab, or some place that we can ask for assistance, rather than getting caught in frustrations working all alone. Especially as a teaching aide myself, I have lots of opinions about educational pedagogy and this is not something I find at all helpful. However, this is a graduate level course, and the open-ended nature is, I think, defined by my level of expertise and education. If only I were still a freshman.

Well anyways I am going to go do my assignment instead of ignoring it and I will definitely not be hitting 50K words this month so you may or may not hear from me tomorrow.

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