Monday, May 7, 2018

A Series of Rhyming Couplets

I feel like most people know, but if you don't, my Dad passed away this past Friday.
Everyone keeps asking me about it. I am not a very good poet, but it felt like a poem moment.

"How was your weekend?" they say.
And mostly, I just say "okay".

Because I don't want to see pity in their eyes.
I don't want to hear "oh, I'm so sorry" and sighs.

I loved my Dad, I love him still, no questions there.
But I don't know how I feel and I don't want to share.

My dad was certainly great, I can agree.
But death doesn't make a saint, by any decree.

So don't make it like he was perfect because then I feel bad
For holding memories of moments that were sad.

There were things today I wish he could be told about,
Yes, I'm gonna miss him, I have no doubt.

But I don't feel like crying and I'm mostly fine.
And I'm sorry if that doesn't fit with your line.

You have to remember, we were given a warning
Time to prepare for this kind of mourning.

You must keep in mind that I truly believe,
That there's something greater, a precious reprieve.

Realize our feelings of loss started a while ago,
When I learned just how fast cancer could grow.

And many of you say, yes, the gospel, that's the hope,
But you still must feel some need to cry and to cope?

I know you all mean well and I do feel that love,
But I can't get where you want with a push and a shove.

I don't need you just yet, but I know that I will.
So, friends, please wait a while. Just chill.

You can't tell me how to grieve, you can't tell me how to feel.
Just leave me alone, I'll come to you, let me heal.

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