Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Resolutions Summary & 2019 New Resolutions

Hello, loyal blog readers (also known as my family members) and new blog readers (also known as Facebook friends who clicked the link). Here is my annual summary of my new year's resolutions, a post I have been writing and regularly maintaining on this blog for 8 years!

1) Make a Twin Sized Bed Quilt
I did this! I used the Project Linus Mystery challenge to help me finish (I didn't finish the one I started in January) but I did make the quilt. And started a sizable fabric collection in the process.

2) Be a Better Neighbor (specifically by learning the names of everyone on my street)
I mostly did this. I did learn all the last names at at least one first name for all but one of the houses on our street, some by googling the address. I talked to my neighbors more - not in great detail, but more waving and saying good morning which is a start. And I invited them all to my annual Christmas party, and some people I didn't expect to come came over for that, so overall, I'll call this a success, and plan to keep working on it in 2019.

3) Do a sprint distance triathalon
Nope. But I'm carrying this one forward into the new year. I did bike a lot more this year to prep for this, but I'm still not a strong swimmer and need to work on that. I'm currently scheduled to run a 5K with Ryan and friends of ours in April, and tentatively planning for a triathalon in June with the same friend, so I made progress towards the intent but not the actual goal. Half a point.

4) Sheryl Sandberg's journal challenge
I didn't do this. I started but it fell flat, and I gave up. 0 points.

5) The Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge
I did this one! So did my cousin Megan!

Her book list is available on Goodreads:

And because of her, mine is now too:

6) Make Pasta from Scratch
I did this one night when Ryan was out of town and it took forever but it was amazing.

7) Daily Audio Bible
I did this faithfully until May, when my Dad died and my life got a little less predictable for a short while, and didn't pick it back up. So a half a point, and I intend to do it again in 2019.

8) Use my 3D printer to make my own custom designed item
I did use my printer. and I did design an item. I didn't print my item because I'm not an engineer and my item had problems with the print, but I'll call that a pass.

9) Start a podcast
Not even close.

10) Clean our garage and organize our storage areas
We did this. Now maintaining it is the hard part!

So I score 7/10 points for 2018, which is pretty good and a higher score than 2017 but not the highest I've ever attained in the 8 years I have been doing this list. Here are my 2019 goals:

1) Sprint Distance Triathalon (carry over from above)
2) Chronological Daily Audio Bible (carry over from above)
3) Jen Wilkin's God of Covenant Bible study (we did the God of Creation study this summer at church and I'd like to finish off her Genesis curriculum)
4) Make a second quilt (gotta use that fabric!)
5) Sew a piece of my own clothing (use that sewing machine for other things and keep learning!)
6) 2019 Reading challenge (I plan to do the one from Modern Mrs. Darcy again AND I found another, longer one that I might attempt from Reading Women. But if I only finish one, that's OK.)
7) 12 baked complexities (Great British Bake-off style, I want to make at least one hard baked good from scratch each month)
8) Complete a capture the flag hackathon challenge (I have observed the following themes in my resolutions since 2010: Health/Exercise, Bible Study, Reading, Crafting, Cooking, and Technology/nerdiness - So this one is my technology related one for the year)