Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 Resolutions

Happy New Year! And here they are, here are the things I've resolved to try and do this year to stretch and improve myself in various ways, as I have shared annually for...a decade! Welcome to the new decade (everyone who says the new decade doesn't start until next year is wrong, because you start indexing at zero, folks). Anyways, let's get to that list:

1) Get a will
This is one Ryan and I have resolved together. With his new business, things are a bit more complicated and we've been advised to get legal protections setup - so we will, before the year is out.

2) Remodel our Master Bathroom
We've been talking about this with friends for a while, but I'm newly resolved to actually make progress and be finished by the end of 2020. I've called two designers to make appointments!

3) See a comedy show live
Ryan and I have enjoyed Netflix's comedy specials, and so we want to go see one live this year. It will likely involve some East Coast travel to do so, but we're committed to making it happen this year.

4) Sew my own clothing
I wanted to sew my own clothes last year but chickened out, so I've pulled the resolution into the new year. I have the fabric, I just need to be brave enough to cut it and own my mistakes.

5) Add backing to my two quilt tops
I've made two tops, but I need to finish borders and backing to really call them quilts - so that's the resolution this year.

6) Complete an Olympic distance triathlon
Tris were so good for me last year, I'm stretching myself into a longer one this summer. I did a lot of racing last year, and I hope to keep that drive going!

7) Make a grilled cheese from scratch
This is my cooking one for the year - I want to make homemade cheese, and homemade foccacia, and maybe even homemade butter, and turn it all into a single amazing sandwich. If I actually do this, I'll be sure to blog document each step!

8) Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge with Stephanie
My sister Stephanie wants to try the MMD reading challenge again, and I've agreed to do it with her.

9) My Utmost for His Highest daily devos (also with Stephanie)
I have my Dad's highlighted copy of this daily devotional, and Stephanie has a copy as well. She'd like to read it before she gives it away, so we're going to read it together.

10) Finish "While True: learn" game, TIS-100 game, and Human Resource Machine Game
About a week ago I purchased the "while true: learn" video game, which is a fun little game with real machine learning concepts built in. I'd like to finish this and the two other block programming coding games in my game library, so I can concretely recommend games that teach programming concepts to parents who ask me for advice!

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