Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Reflection on March

Happy March, everyone!

Here's some of what this March means for me.

1) March is Women's History month. In school I never felt that Women's History Month had much impact but at work (especially as a Society of Women Engineers or SWE member) it has a big impact and I'm involved with all kinds of events focused on it.

2) My husband turns 30 this month. I can recall the day my mother turned 30 - my Dad, in an effort to surprise her, bought these heart shaped cake pans, and I remember shopping for some apple scented lotion and getting some sugar letters to spell out "Happy Birthday, Mom" on the cake. Of course, letting me and Abigail in on his secret meant that it didn't STAY a secret. Anyways, perhaps I'll use one of those same heart shaped pans to make Ryan's birthday cake this year! One interesting article I read online said the worst mistake to make in your 30s is thinking how old you are now - so I'll be sure to make sure Ryan doesn't do that! :)

3) March means that one of the more dire predictions of my Dad's cancer diagnosis has passed. Does it mean he's "better"? No. But does it mean that treatments to hold off continued cancer growth are, for the moment, still working. And that's good, because when it comes to continued time with Dad, I'll take everything I can get.

What are you looking forward to this month?