Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HA! The media center!

I recently discovered the tresure of the schoool's media center, and am curenttly taking advantage of it durring lunch periods. So let me catch you up on my life~

This past Saturday we had a debate in Blatimore, and my team did not do well. I came home frustrated and upset. after eatting real food (because they hadn't provided lunch at the debate, only chips) and sleeping for a hour, I woke with a much better outlook on life, but still a little duboius about whether I could continue to push myself into doing debate. My partner is also having these thoughts. so if you were wondering how debate ended up going for me, I did very poorly, ranking 4th speaker for the first time. (which means I was the worst speaker in my debate that round) But i don't want to be sympathized with, because I knew I wasn't really prepared for this. Anyways, my coach and partner and I have to have a serious disscusion about debate and see if I'm going to continue.

If you follow my blog you know that I recently watched Fireproof, the seherwood film that was Fandango's top seller when it came out. I continue to be impressed by the effort this church puts into thier films and really enjoyed it. obviously there's no way for them to make a Hollywood style film, but it was impressive all the same. If you havent' seen it you should see if it's still out or rent it when it's out on DVD.

Spirit Week:
this week is spirit week at school, and it's lots of fun to see the ways people dress, but yesterday was slightly disturbing. it was wacky tacky day and several of the girls in school were wearing ther bikini tops over shirts and bikini bottoms over layers of pants. I understand that the sentiment of wacky tacky is to wear as much as you can that clashes, but really what was the point of that??? And I'm happy to say that some of the sophmore boys in my Spanish class agreed with me, asking what the girls were trying to prove by basically wearingg thier underwear on the outsides. just a thought, I don't really think there was a big modesty issue or anything, but it looks stupid, even for wacky tacky day. If it is going to mean wearing that suff like that or it's going to mean boys are going to cross-dress I'm going to vote against it next year.

"The isolation of the Americas had remained aimportant in physical and cultural terms, but that isolation came to an end in 1492 with disaterous results" ~ World Civilizations
(A line from my WH text that i found interesting, haveing never heard Columbus's discovery portrayed as disasterous.)

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