Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some Nature Facts...

I'm sorry for ignoring my blog recently. I will attempt to post more often and about more relevant stuff, I'm just trying to figure out a blog theme of some sort for the summer. (Suggestions welcome)

For today, some fun nature facts that I was sent in relation to camp wildflowers (but since I'm not going to make it there this year I'm posting them here now).

~ A sliced carrot looks like a human eye - and carrots enhance blood flow to the eyes
~ Tomatoes have four chambers and are red - your heart also has these characteristics and tomatoes are pure heart & blood food.
~ Walnuts look like little brains - and develop neuron-transimitters for brain functions
~ onions look like cells - and help clear waste from cells

There were tons more - I just didn't fee like typing them all. Anyways, awesome little helath reminders!

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