Sunday, December 26, 2010

Counting my Blessings...

It is often easy to take the life you have for granted, and I've been realizing how I fall into that trap all to often. Based on the Christmas season and approaching New Year, I've been considering the life of my Savior and the things that I've taken for granted about his life, and about how I'm reflecting him, and a lot of stuff that would take a while to go into.

But, in the midst of that, I've also been counting my blessings of family, education, a home, friends, church, and so, so much more.

Going away, meeting new people, and basically starting my adult life at college has been making me see new things. 2011 should bring some actions on those new revalations - at least, my resolutions will tilt that way!

(sorry if this is confusing - I don't want to go into endless detail, but I also wanted to share this thought while I had it. I can give detail if you really want it)

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wendybird03 said...

Good reminder! Rreminds me of one of the lines from the Dawn Treader movie I liked. When Caspian decides not to go to Aslan's country but to return to Narnia and says something along the lines of... I have to stop thinking about what has been taken from me and start thinking about what I've been given.