Monday, June 6, 2011

Christian-ese that I wonder about

I am sure all of you know that there are TONS of different labels for Christians. Recently there are some terms that I've been wondering about - things like 'evangelical', 'emergent', 'missional', 'righteous', etc.

How did these terms become common? What do they mean, exactly (I vaguely know)?

What words mean the same thing - like 'calvinist' and 'reformed'. Are they the same ideas? Because if yes, I  think 'reformed' is a better name because it takes away the focus on John Calvin, which is good cause we shouldn't focus on him. And if they're different, then how? If they're different, then I need to wonder about another label in my life.

lots of labels, lots of terms, lots of things you could focus on that make you different.
One Jesus.

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