Tuesday, March 6, 2012

YouTube instead of TV

I don't know how many of you all are like this, but I have a YouTube channel, not to upload anything, but simply to subscribe to my favorite "internetainers". 

We are at the point where people can make their entire living off of creating free YouTube videos. Some of the best musicians I have heard are self-made artists off of YouTube. Lots of the coolest educational material I've experienced were a result of YouTube channels. In fact, I would say I watch youtube shows instead of watching TV shows. I subscribe to a total of 30 channels, and have created 12 playlists. Here's the top ten of the channels I subscribe to:
1. edwinstudio - this channel makes some adorable CGI animated videos.
To see his channel, I recommend: Robby
2. HISHEdotcom - How It Should Have Ended. Hilarious webseries. Takes movies and changes the end.
To see this channel, I recommend: How Toy Story 3 should have ended
3. juliansmith87 - Internet comedian. I think he's hilarious, but my mom doesn't get him.
He compiled his own list of top videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7D4AAB2314C5A024

4. kemlye1 - David Sides is one of those self-made artists. He does piano covers of pop songs.
I'd recommend: Umbrella - Rhianna & Jay-Z Piano Arrangement
5. KurtHugoSchneider (and TheSamTsui) -  two self-made artists (from Yale!). They used to share Kurt's channel, but Sam has since branched off and allowed Kurt to work with other singers.
To see their channel, I recommend their original song: Don't Want and Ending
6. lindseystomp - a "rocking out violinist". She's seriously amazing - she dances while playing the violin.
To see this channel, especially for LOTR fans: Lord of the Rings Medley - Lindsey Stirling
7. minutephysics - weekly videos that are a little over a min to explain physics concepts in simple terms
I'd recommend: There is no pink light
8. rhettandlink2 - this pair coined the term "Internetainers" and host a daily show, Good Mythical Morning.
From their first channel, I'd recommend: 2 Guys 600 Pillows (Backwards Music Video)
9. ThePianoGuys - AMAZING musical covers here. Professionals, I think.
I'd recommend this one: Just The Way you are - Bruno Mars (Piano/Cello cover) - The Piano Guys
10. Vihart - videos about Mathematical concepts, made fun and cute through doodles and candy
I'd recommend: Doodling in Math Class: Squiggle Inception


//megan said...

I'm very excited to go check out all those youtubers and I love the term "Internatainers" very fitting :) Do you watch the VlogBrothers? Most of the YouTube channels and musicians I subscribe to are branched off of vlogbrothers. And a ton of my favorite music right now is from YouTube artists

J G said...

Why the red highlights? It is very difficult to read.

Lotus said...

The red highlights are a remnant of the previous blog color scheme. I'll remove them, thanks.