Saturday, December 8, 2012

Catching Christmas enthusiasm

Tonight I had the absolute pleasure of attending my school's Camerata Choir concert and Opera Workshops. The Camerata Choir has always amazed me with how great they are, so kudos to them, but today I want to focus on the Opera Workshops. Before the scenes began, the conductor (who is also the instructor of the Opera Workshops course) came onto the stage and described the course. He began by saying he was training his students to be comfortable on stage, which means they need to be willing to share intimate moments in front of a room full of strangers, and he had designed this Opera course to help them do that. Between each scene, he gave a short explanation of the plot and some details about the composer and their style. It was easy to follow, and it was clear to me that the instructor cared about what he was saying and had put that passion into a course for students, and was using the concert setting to share it with us.

Now think back to my post about Christmas spirit. Why do we have to get upset when someone wishes us Happy Holidays? Can we, instead, use it as a setting, a way to share what we care about? I know, it's a bit of a stretch to connect the concert to the Christmas theme I've got going, but I made the leap, and I hope you can see how I made the connection and think on it yourselves. Passion for something shows, and even if the other person doesn't necessarily understand the passion (I have no desire to study Opera) they will see it on you and catch your enthusiasm. Think of Christmas that way - a chance for everyone to catch our enthusiasm, instead of thinking of it as stealing our holiday season.

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