Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Graduate Classes!

This is it. My last first day of school has passed (well, my last for now - I think I'm going to be getting more degrees though, we'll see. It's just the kind of person I am). This is technically the first semester I will be a full-time graduate student, but I'm transferring a crazy number of credits from the accelerated BS/MS program so I should graduate this December. Every semester (almost) I've blogged my classes, so here they are!

CMSC 641 - Graduate Algorithms
I'm glad I finally get Professor Chang. I've heard amazing things about him and in day 1 he already seems amazing. My favorite quote - he told us how he helped create the theory exams his second year of grad. school, which meant he couldn't help his girlfriend study for the exams because he knew the questions. The quote was, "We worked it out, cause now she's my wife, but be careful who you date!"

CMSC 611 - Graduate Architecture
I've known about Dr. Olano since freshman year of undergrad since I briefly worked with one of his grad students, but this is my first class with him. He's really easy-going and has a nice casual teaching style. I was shocked to find that I actually remembered stuff from undergrad architecture, and that I actually enjoy this class!

CMSC 626 - Computer Security
Dr. Marron is a new instructor to the CSEE department, but I was part of the student committee that interviewed him so I am definitely a fan of his teaching. Also this is what I find personally interesting so YAY SECURITY!

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