Monday, January 30, 2017

My open letter to Gov. Hogan

I submitted this letter on the Governor's comment site this morning. I don't think Hogan speaking out will change the policy. But his not speaking out will change my opinion of him. And I don't know what else to do against this action.

Issue - General Comments
Subject - Speaking Out Against the Muslim Ban

Original Message - 

Governor Hogan - As a MD constituent and life-long resident, I am asking that you speak out against the Muslim Ban and encourage Maryland judges to open BWI to incoming refugees as many other states have already done. This is not a partisan issue - you do not need to stand silent based on your status as a Republican. Other prominent Republicans have spoken out against the ban, and both our Maryland senators are opposed to the ban. As a state, this is a place I believe that we can and should present a united front. Please step forward and take a public stand. Given your own wife's status as a first-generation American, you must already understand the important role that immigrants play in the country - please, for the families made by generations of people seeking a better life here, please speak out against the ban and condemn it for what it is - unconstitutional, un-biblical, and un-american. Sincerely, Emily J. Brown

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