Monday, January 22, 2018

Other New Year's Resolution Updates

I told you all how my quit is going, I bought the fabric and started cutting the diamonds - here are a few other updates on other resolutions!

- Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge
I learned that two of my younger sisters also decided to do this challenge, which forced me to pick some books towards my resolution, instead of reading the books in the rut! So, for a book of poetry, a play, or a collection of essays, I'm reading "Wedding Toasts I'll Never Give" by Ada Calhoun, as my collection of essays (thought I might use this as creative nonfiction and read a different collection of essays - we'll see!). For a book recommended by someone with great taste, I read John Scalzi's RedShirts, recommended by Wil Wheaton on his podcast.

- Daily Audio Bible
I have listened to 22 days of the DAB, but not always on the day I'm supposed to be listening to it (usually Sunday's DAB slips into Monday). It's been a lot of fun so far to listen to Genesis and hear the details of stories I know from Sunday School, but haven't read in a while, or to remember that in between the Sunday School stories are other weird things, like Lot's daughters giving up on humanity and laying with their own father, or Tamar, Judah's daughter-in-law, tricking him into doing as he promised by her. Lots of interesting stories in the Bible!

- Start a Podcast 
Well, I finally used my mic and figured out that if I speak a little lower than I normally do, I won't hate my voice as much. And I have a list of podcast episode topics lined up! So hopefully this will be coming to your ears soon. =)

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