Thursday, April 30, 2009

hodgepodge anyone?

A random assortment of my thoughts from this week.

1: Swine Flu
honestly, I haven't looked that much into it. I haven't been following any stories or anything, I only know what my teachers tell me. One of them says the numbers are LESS than statistically insignifigant, the other says that we're on pandemic level 5. Regardless of whether or not swine flu is a danger, I think we should all in general be more germ sensitive! I also really feel like it's getting more media hype than it deserves!

2: Jr/Sr Banquet
It's astonishing how much the way you look affects the rest of your mindset. Yesterday was the Jr/Sr banquet and I dressed up for it. And it felt great. I felt accomplished and pretty, a way I haven't felt before. I also got my haircut yesterday, and the feeling of confidence extended into today, because I felt stylish. Also, I painted my toenails pink and got 3 compliments for shoes that I've worn before, but that my feet looked better in after they were painted.

3. AP tests
everyone's feeling the grind right now. Pray for us and 2 very stress filled weeks!

If you're interested in anything about dating relationships or anything slightly related, listen up! Love Month is beginning! All high schoolers who want to come to Navs for it, talk to me! (if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about but it sounds interesting, talk to me!)

5. Birdie -di - di!
She started a blog! I can't wait to follow it! see it on the side bar of my blog.

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