Monday, May 17, 2010

borrowing a song...

So, I'm sorry for my long absense - two weeks of AP tests swept me away from all kinds of life and into a whirlwind of testing.

Today I was thinking about writing something about how useless school has become for me, akin to SparkNotes SparkLife posts, but I went on Facebook before blogging and saw Josh's video link to this song and thought it was awesome and so I "borrowed" it from him to let you all experience it too, cause it's a cool song! (and I promise I will write the funny one tomorrow.)

Safe Lyrics
To the one who's dreams are falling all apart
And all you're left with is a tired and broken heart
I can tell by your eyes you think your on your own
but you're not all alone

Have you heard of the One who can calm the raging seas
Give sight to the blind, pull the lame up to their feet
With a love so strong and never let you go
oh you're not alone

You will be safe in His arms
You will be safe in His arms
'Cause the hands that hold the world are holding your heart
This is the promise He made
He will be with You always
When everything is falling apart
You will be safe in His arms

Verse 2:
Did you know that the voice that brings the dead to life
Is the very same voice that calls you to rise
So hear Him now He's calling you home
You will never be alone

These are the hands that built the mountains
the hands that calm the seas
These are the arms that hold the heavens
they are holding you and me

These are hands that healed the leper
Pulled the lame up to their feet
These are the arms that were nailed to a cross
to break our chains and set us free

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