Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shakespeare Class

For my winter course that I'm taking on Shakespeare we were asked to write a sonnet that responded to a sonnet written by Shakespeare. I wrote a response to sonnet 3:

Friend, you think too much of unborn children,
But think, good sir, I am ready for none.
My home is but a small and tiny den
My income not yet prepared for a son.
My face, though a glass for my dear mother
Needs not a glass till it be old and aged.
And if this son should desire a brother,
My mistress would, I fear, become enraged.
Spare me thy thoughts on life, thy ill advice.
I need not counsel but your art alone.
Keep your wisdom out, or keep it concise.
Let this sonnet to you be surely shown,
So everyone may know my strong intent
­to avoid your thought, though it was well meant.

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