Friday, February 10, 2012


This morning for breakfast I had a grapefruit, and I was reminded of the first time I ate grapefruit.
My paternal grandparents had come to babysit while my parents went on a trip. At that time my grandma always brought tons of food with her, like scones, and frozen macaroni platters, and oatmeal, and, on this particular trip, grapefruit.
Now, you have to understand, as long as I can remember, my grandparents have eaten oatmeal for breakfast. But on this trip, my grandfather ate oatmeal while my grandmother ate grapefruit. I, being the innocent child, asked her if I could have one of her 'big oranges'. She laughed and explained to me what a grapefruit was, and then taught me how to eat one. First, cut it in half, second, carefully cut around the fruit, then scoop it out of the ready made bowl. Finally, after scooping all the fruit out, squeeze the skin and funnel the juice into your mouth. I don't remember exactly what we said, but the process of watching her cut it, and telling me to cut as close to the white as a could to not waste any fruit, and gently scooping out my first bite - those things will be burned in my memory forever.

(Side Note: Isn't it interesting how memories arise at completely random times? I wonder what part of the brain triggers that. What sentimentality arises for memories to spark?)

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