Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Office Hours

I'm dying to know what my professors are doing during their office hours when there aren't talking to students. This was brought on by my own experience as a UTA (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant). It's actually my office hours right this minute. Obviously, I'm writing on my blog. In addition to writing on my blog here, I've used this office hour time to do my math homework, to watch videos on youtube, read my emails, do my compilers homework, check Facebook, people watch (since my office hours are in the library, it's the perfect place to creepily people watch), do my great books reading, and...oh yeah, I've helped all of one person.

Anyways, with this list of the things that I've done during my office hours, I'm really curious about what my professors do. I noticed that they all close their labtop screens when I come in for office hours - the TA's don't (I don't, and my TAs never did when I was in the classes where the TA's have office hours). I suppose I understand why a professor might hide their screen - I mean, if I was a professor watching youtube videos, I'd lose some street cred. with my students. Since I'm only a TA and I'm still a student, it's a little more socially acceptable.

I totally understand why are large number of my professors have office hours by appointment only. As much as it annoys me to be forced to email them, it's pretty boring to just wait here, and it's actually kind of hard to do anything else, because you do get interrupted. So, why do we require them from course staff if they're so under utilized? Fellow college students - do you think we should keep office hours?

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