Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap & 2016 Resolutions

My Resolutions from 2015
- run a 10K and 2 other "races" - I ran two color runs and the distance of a 10K (though not a race) so we'll call this one good. 1 point
reach my goal weight - I did reach it. Staying there...that's going to be my new challenge. But 1 point =)
- Buy stock/invest in a CD to better understand money - I made this one cause I didn't have any debt, and now I do have one (thanks to helping Ryan pay off his house) which gets to the spirit of the resolution, so 0.5 points
- Read the New Testament & journal my QTs. I did journal some this year, but mostly about cancer, and didn't touch the NT. 0 points.
- Try a new 'hard' recipe every month Yep! Read my last blog post for the success on this one! 1 point.
Memorize a new scripture passage monthly Sort of? I only started this in November to memorize the verses for the basketball team I am coaching, so...we'll call it a 0.5 point, but it wasn't the whole year.
- Finally visit a gynecologist Yep. It wasn't weird. Just do it girls. 1 point
- Learn how to do makeup Ipsy and Birchbox were great! I cancelled for 2016 - I had so many products! 1 point.
- Attend Grace Hopper (professional conference) and Brick Fair (Lego fan conference) Yep It was great! 1 point
Read the next 2 Song of Ice and Fire books with Ryan Yep. Caught up with the show, probably not going to keep reading since GRRM has not planned the next publication date. 1 point

So, 8/10. That's good!

My New Resolutions
01 - Build my own computer! This is about saving the money to buy the parts and about learning the inner workings of the computer

02 - Cook 12 dishes from non-US countries, one a month

03 - Reduce my running time to a 12 minute mile (for 3 miles, my standard)

04 - Read one non-fiction book every month (see my list here!)

05 - Grow my own veggies! Herbs, Tomatoes, maybe some others but we'll start with those.

06 - Learn about car maintenance - want to be able to do my own oil change

07 - Listen to more podcasts. I think I can learn more from podcasts while running than TV

08 - Make a Project Linus Blanket. I'd like to learn how to knit and if not, I did learn how to use the sewing machine at work, and now I can quilt a little blanket! I'd like to try both but one is a good resolution for now. :)

09 - Learn to make my own pasta! I've got to get the pasta press for KitchenAide, but I want to try

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