Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cook Something Hard Results

1) January - CrockPot cooking (I wrote a blog about this one)

2) February - Saffron Lamb - I made this fancy dish for Valentine's day, and it was delicious but expensive! I have not used the saffron I bought for it since.

3) March - Checkerboard Cake - I made this for Ryan's birthday and learned that angelfood cake is a terrible choice for this - it's impossible to cut!

4) April - DIY Celery Pickles - this was surprisingly easy, and delicious in egg salad!

5) May - Broiled Hawaiian Chicken - I spent some time trying to learn the difference between bake and broil in order to make dinner on mother's day

6) June - DIY BBQ sauce - I followed a recipe for beer sauce and made some tweaks to the sodium content

7) July - Quiche - I totally burned this one. But it was tasty!

8) August - Fried Plantains - This was so outside of my comfort zone but ended up being super easy and now I make them all the time!

9) Sept - Spaghetti Squash - Definitely an experience to cook this veggie. It's SO yummy though! Don't get fooled - it doesn't sub for pasta, but is good all on it's own

10) Oct - Butternut Squash soup - Ryan didn't like this :( But I also did roasted squash which he liked better - the carrots in the soup was what he really didn't like!

11) November - Pecan Pie - this one was a special request from Ryan for thanksgiving...and I burned it. My reputation with pies is not so great right now!

12) December - for a co-worker who doesn't eat sugar, I learned some baking science in order to make sugar-free banana nut muffins. They were a big hit! :)

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