Sunday, November 30, 2008

sensory images

IF you're looking for a really meaty, personality diving, spiritual post...

Don't read this one.

If I were suddenly struck blind, certain things would still hold sensory power for me. I have a tendancy to feel a texture, smell a scent, taste a food, hear a sound, and relate it to something else. here are some of my if I was blind thoughts.

1) the taste of sweet potatoes. My Aunt Kimberly makes amazing sweet potatoes with marshmallows and cinnamon and a smooth, sweet consistency. When I eat sweet potatoes I can picture my Aunt placing her dish on the Thanksgiving table.

2) The taste of Mac and cheese makes me think of my Uncle Mike, because he makes the richest, tastiest Mac and cheese EVER! I always compare mac and cheese to his. Uncle Mike pretends like he's Emrile on TV and pours all his ingredients in to little bowls before he starts, leaving all kinds of dishes that he has to wash later.

3) The smell of herbal essence shampoo always makes me think of my friend Ginkgo. Have you ever noticed how people have thier own distinct scents? Normally it comes from thier shampoo, but even two people who use the same shampoo will have different smells. For example, the pastor's wife at my church smells like a rich perfume. Ginkgo always smells flowerly (from Herbal Essence) like Ginny Weasley.

4) The feel of baby footy PJ's makes me feel safe and loved. Terry cloth is my favorite ever. If you want to buy me a Christmas present, buy me a terry cloth robe. The reason that feel, from the footy PJ's, makes me feel safe, is when I feel it means that my little sister has climbed into my bed next to me in the middle of the night for safety.

5) the sound of my dad reading makes me remember my childhood. The schooling curriculum we used required alot of reading aloud, and Dad read to us from a story collection we called the Red Book.

6) The smell of toy train smoke from our Christmas trains and pine makes me happy. It's associated with christmas and grandparents and cousins.

7) The feel of Sweaters make me think of my grandma, who always used to wear sweater vests because she was cold, and of my friend tyler, who likes argile sweaters.

8) The smell of coffee and the smell of cilantro (Spelling?) don't make me think of anything paticular, but I love them both.

9) The sound of a flute makes me think of my friend Liza and her Mom. Mrs. B plays the most beautiful flute and I love her music!!

10) The feel and smell of leather makes me think of my Uncle Mike and my Uncle Kieth. Both of them wear cold leather jackets and had leather sofas at one point in my life. The smooth suave feeling reminds me of them.

There are more, But I won't list them all. What are some of yours?

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